PTS Datamining for 15th October 2014

Datamining Feature Image

Datamining for the 15th October 2014. The PTS Update added a bunch of gear changes and new zone event lures that you can check out here.


  • Further Zone Models
  • Map Data Files
  • Other Interesting Models
  • Datamined Skins

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Further Zone Models

Well this goes without saying in recent days, but we have more clumps and models for Draumheim. Lost Knot and Rended Falls got some attention for the 15th Oct update. Nothing to show that hasn’t already been seen.

Map Data Files

A large amount of map data files were updated with around 0.5-3mb in new/edited files out of each 15-16mb pak file. Most of the Pak files numbered 23-86 were downloaded with this update so it looks like Trion made further adjustments to terrain, main map or mini-map data.

Nothing interesting to see in terms of the files themselves.

Other Interesting Models

Meshes & polySurface

Variety of models and meshes

Variety of models and meshes

There are a variety of random models and meshes. Most look like the one on the right – nothing much to see. There’s some surface models and various skelf corpse armors.

Alien Weapon Cache Model

Alien Weapon Cache Models

Alien Weapon Cache Models

Probably the most interesting part of the datamining this time round. Alien Weapon Cache models – both a closed and open version. The weapons looks similar to the VOT Auto-Fragger weapon from Trion World’s MMOFPS title Defiance.

VOT Auto-Fragger

VOT Auto-Fragger. Defiance.

These Alien Weapon Caches could be part of a Defiance/RIFT cross-promotion. It could also just be a Nightmare Tide-related quest prop since it isn’t too farfetched to imagine a progenitor dreaming up items from another game (since Trion have already introduced Hellbugs from Defiance and the Trove cape from Trove). Or perhaps these already exist in-game as part of the old Defiance cross-promotion that included a Defiance weapon skin.

The fact that the Alien Weapon Cache has both a closed and open model leads me to believe that these aren’t lockboxes but something you find in-game and ‘open up’. Perhaps it is associated with the upcoming Extra Life 24hr gaming charity event.

Last year they rewarded both RIFT and Defiance in-game items for fundraising milestones.

Other Misc. Models

Other Misc Models

Other Misc Models

Just a whole bunch of other misc. models. More crystals to fill up Tarken Glacier’s landscape, some more syringes, bone vertebrae’s, banners, sleeping titans (probably Sharax Giants lying down), Cosmic Fissures (present near Mount Sharax in Tarken Glacier), flesh breach, Zeuxis artwork and Tidal Anomalies.

Basically more doodads to polish up the zones.

Datamined Skins

Some skins datamined from the recent update. Nothing too exciting though.

Odd Butterfly Skin

Odd Butterfly Skin

Odd Butterfly Skin

Calling this an odd ‘butterfly’ skin although face-painting could be more appropriate. This was in the datamined files this time round – as is. Perhaps it was an artists quick color scheme for a mask of some sort. Maybe Finric’s ‘final form’ is getting some face paint.

Bones Skin

Bones Skin

Bones Skin

A variety of bones. Not sure if these are part of an actual creature, some ‘bone accessories’ or doodads you’ll see lying around somewhere.

The weird color is because this isn’t the ‘main’ skin with the correct colors. Couldn’t find that file.

Tarken Glacier Rock

Tarken Glacier Rocks Skin

Tarken Glacier Rocks Skin

Just a whole bunch of rock skins, likely from Tarken Glacier given their design.

More of the usual, although that Alien Weapon Cache looks interesting. Perhaps associated with the upcoming Extra Life charity event?

You can check out the PTS Update articles from this latest datamine here and here.

Nightmare Tide is in Open Beta right now on the PTS, so check all the changes out for yourself on the PTS!

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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