PTS Update for 16th October 2014

PTS Update 16th Oct 2014 Feature Image

An ~988MB download hit the Public Test Shard for 16th October 2014. Quite a few new Minion Cards, new ‘Nightmare Seals’ and other additions.


  • Masteries Changes – Masteries changes for all classes.
  • Class Changes – Rogue and Clerics.
  • Minions Updates – Sorting + new Minion Cards + Minions Card Database.
  • New Achievements – Nightmare Seals (new items).
  • Manugo League Updated – Singing Devourer; Flops Companion Pet; One More Starfish helm.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Masteries Changes

A few changes hit for all classes.

Cleric Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Soul Collector. New Passive: “Ekkehard’s Grasp will now apply Frostbite, if points have been spent in it”.

Mage Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Ethereal Flux. The cooldown reduction on Ethereal Blast has increased from 2s to 3s.

Warrior Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Ethereal Strike. Damage increased from 5-7%.
  • Power Variation. Health restore increased from 30% to 50% of the Warrior’s Max HP each second.

Rogue Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Timed Focus. Crit chance bonus passive removed. Instead replaced with “Single target attacks put a stack of Unstable Energy on the target. After 8s, Unstable Energy explodes dealing 1,650 Ethereal damage [this damage doesn’t change with your gear stats] to the target. Stacks up to 5 times. When the max stack count is reached, Unstable Energy instantly explodes dealing 25% more damage.
  • Planar Variation. Health restore increased from 30% to 50% of the Rogue’s Max HP each second.

If the above images become out-dated, check out the main Masteries article which will always have the latest images. (Thanks to snipebad for keeping us up to date with Masteries changes.)

Class Changes

Class changes for Rogue Bards and Cleric Inquisitors:

Rogue Bard Change

As mentioned by snipebad on the RIFT forums, a new root ability replaces Verse of Fascination with Verse of Purity:

  • Verse of Purity – Removes 1 Curse, Disease, or Poison from up to 10 Party or Raid members every 3s for 3s. Instant, 10sec CD. 10 Energy cost.

Cleric Inquisitor Changes

As mentioned by Kervik before, Cleric’s Inquisitor soul got some further changes. [r]

  • Aggressive Inquisition – Now a 2s Channel again.
  • Symbol of Corruption – Now deals 10/20/30% of Bolt of Depravity damage instead of 15/30/45%.
  • Harsh Discipline – No longer allows players to move whilst channeling without the Swift Judgment Mastery. (This is a bug fix).

Minions Updates

Two main updates to minions – firstly, Minions Sorting in the Adventure Tab, and then a ton of notoriety faction Minion Cards added.

Minion Sorting

Minion Sorting Adventure Tab

Minion Sorting Adventure Tab

The main Adventure Tab now has both a search field and sorting by Level, Name and Stamina for the Minions box. As you might be able to imagine, obtaining all 100+ minion cards would have probably made finding the correct minion card for the selected adventure rather difficult without this addition.

Searching Attributes

Minion Sorting Adventure Tab 2

Minion Sorting. Search attributes.

You can search by attributes as well by typing the attribute’s name. I.e. “Fire” or “Dimension”.

New Notoriety Minion Cards

Notoriety Minions

Notoriety Minions

A whole heap of new Minion Cards have appeared in both the RIFT Store -> Pets -> Minion Cards section as well as via individual notoriety vendors in Nightmare Tide. These all require varying ranks of notoriety from different Plane of Water notoriety factions. Each costs 300 Void stones or 150 Credits (135 for Patrons).

Interesting Attributes

Same Attribute Type Minion Cards

Same Attribute Type Minion Cards

Interestingly, some of these Minion cards have elements on both attributes or profession on both attributes. This probably means there are also Adventure cards that have both attributes being the same attribute type (elements/professions). Note: Bea and Fang are RIFT Store-only Minion Cards that appeared in previous updates.

Minions Card Database

I’ve started a Minions Card Database that will hopefully help players find the minion cards they are after. It’s in its initial stages so there’s only a few cards, but you can check them out below:

Hope it proves useful – it will constantly be updated and expanded on. Keep it bookmarked so you can find the card you want later on! Don’t think you can sort the columns yourself, but if you save a copy that should enable you to sort through the columns.

New Achievements

50 new achievements points this time round which brings total achievement points to 34,142.

Nightmare Seals

Nightmare Seals Achievement SubCategory

Nightmare Seals

A new 50pt sub-category has been added to the Planes -> Nightmare called Nightmare Seals. 5 achievements worth 10 points each that requires you to upgrade a new type of item called Nightmare Seals. These sound like Seals dropped from Nightmare Rifts.

Consumed by Nightmares Nightmare Seal Achievement

Consumed by Nightmares Achievements

From the way the achievements progress by 10 upgrade paths, there’s probably a total of 50 upgrade paths until you reach the ‘epic quality’ that the “Consumed by Nightmares V” achievement mentions. There also seems to be 5 types of Nightmare Seals. My guess is that:

  • Anathema of the Consecrated is probably the Wisdom Seal;
  • Oculos of Torment is probably the Intelligence Seal;
  • Heart of Malice is probably the Dexterity Seal;
  • Rage of the Feral is probably the Strength Seal; and
  • Aegis of the Unbroken is probably the Endurance Seal.

So there’s probably one Nightmare Seal for each main stat. My guess is that upgrades will probably require at least Illusory Motes (which drop from Nightmare Caches, from completing Nightmare Rift stages). Haven’t found a Nightmare Seal but will update this section when I find one (or if someone links me one).

Manugo League Updated

Small update but now there’s actually two items in the Manugo League vendor.

Singing Devourer

The 155% mount speed Singing Devourer now requires Manugo League: Revered. It still costs 30k plat. This does not appear at the Manugo League Vendor. Found at RIFT Store -> Mounts.

Flops Companion Pet

Flops Companion Pet

Flops Companion Pet

The Manugo League Vendor now has a ‘Flops’ Companion Pet, although it requires The Ghar: Honored notoriety. Costs 1,000 plat or 900 Credits (810 for Patrons).

One More Starfish

One More Starfish

One More Starfish

The Manugo League Vendor now also has a helm costume piece called “One More Starfish” that requires Manugo League: Revered and costs 1,000 Void Stones or 650 Credits (585 for Patrons).

A ton of Minion Card additions for notoriety vendors. The Nightmare Seals sound interesting although I have yet to catch a glimpse of one.

Nightmare Tide is in Open Beta right now on the PTS, so check all the changes out for yourself on the PTS! For past PTS Updates, click here.

You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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  1. October 17, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

    LOL at the starfish helmet. Very classy!

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    October 17, 2014 at 4:05 pm #

    love it 😀

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