Daglar responds to 3.0 PvP

Recently RIFT player Lokken` created a thread on the PvP sub-forums asking a few important questions in regards to PvP in RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide. Daglar has since responded with some informative answers.

Global PvP Healing Reduction

Healing in PvP combat has been reduced on the PTS from 65% to 85%. Daglar has confirmed that this was intended stating that “We feel that the release of an expansion is the proper time to make a large adjustment like this”.

No New Favor Consumables

Daglar confirmed that there will not be any new favor consumables, although he mentioned upgrade components will be purchased with favor. These upgrade components are likely referring to the Favor Infused Accelerators that were added to the PTS two days ago.

Favor Infused Accelerator

Favor Infused Accelerator

These cost 10,000 Favor and are used to upgrade Marauder Supply Caches. The Favor cost might be placeholder.

Marauder Supply Caches

Daglar revealed that you will receive boxes for winning warfronts that give a chance at random items that may be upgraded for more customized stats. A few things about these boxes (that are most likely the Marauder Supply Caches):

  • These boxes function like the old Depleted Supply Crates, except instead of spending PvP currency or Credits, these will now only be obtainable from winning warfronts. This removes the P2W portion of PvP that was introduced in Storm Legion with the Depleted Supply Crates.
  • “more customized stats” seems to suggest the ability to side-grade.
  • Some items when fully upgraded also have “unique effects only attainable via PvP”.

Essences Bolstered

Daglar also confirmed that Essences would be bolstered with Relic Raid Tier 1-equivalent essences bolstered down. This is in line with other bolstered slots being bolstered down for Relic Raid Tier 1 gear.

You can check out Daglar’s response here for reference or for discussion.

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