RIFT News Tidbits 16-17th October 2014

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RIFT news tidbits for 16-17th October 2014. Check out all the info below:


  • PTS Update for 16th October 2014. More Masteries changes, Rogue/Cleric class changes, a ton of new Minion cards, Manugo League Goods vendor items and Nightmare Seals! Check them all out here.
  • Livestream Summary: 17th October 2014. Trion goes over a variety of information including a Boar Mount, Tarken Glacier’s Puzzle location, a secret ‘crevice’ that gets you an achievement, NT launch info and more! Check a summary out here.
  • Extra Life Contest. DEV_SupermanSocks (RoughRaptors) has now added additional information to bolster fundraising for the Extra Life Charity Event on his fundraising page. He will now be shot by Kerilar with Nerf darts based on donations received:
    • $1 = 1 Nerf dart.
    • $10 = 1 Nerf bazooka.
    • $25 = An entire Nerf Vulcan machine gun belt.
    • This will occur at ~4PM PDT on Saturday (25th October 2014) during the Extra Life event.
    • Interested in getting RR shot? Check out his fundraising page here!

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Further Minions Info. In an upcoming PTS update, Minion experience will get a small boost if your minion has at least one matching attribute to the adventure. [r]
  • Minions Database. I’ve also set-up an early version of a Minions Card Database that tracks all cards you can check out here. Might prove useful.
  • Fishing Info. You’ll need to fish in Tarken Glacier (the last zone) if you wish to reach the max level of 450 in Fishing. [r]
  • Crafting Info. Faratha has announced that there will be adjustments to the cost of Amender recipes as well as amounts of currency you get from Plane of Water crafting dailies. These will appear in an upcoming PTS update. [r]
  • Zone Event Lure Pricing. Daglar has mentioned that Trion placed the credits-only option in first for the cost of zone event lures that are now up on the PTS under RIFT Store -> Rifts -> Zone Events. He stated that they might consider adding a Void stones cost, but a planarite-only cost will not happen due to the ease to obtain planarite. [r]
  • PvP Question Answered. Daglar answers some PvP questions in relation to changes occuring for the upcoming expansion. The new Favor Infused Accelerators are used to upgrade gear that drops from Marauder Supply Caches, which are rewarded when you win a warfront. [r]
    Daglar also mentioned that he is not currently looking at changing the weekly PvP Warfront quest to be just a number of warfronts done per week. [r]
  • Citadel of Insanity Dungeon Preview Article. Trion posts a preview article on the upcoming Citadel of Insanity Dungeon, briefly mentioning each boss and the overall lore behind the dungeon. View the article here.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • “Into the Rift” Podcast ft. Spaceboots and PvP. MMORPG.com’s “Into the Rift” Podcast this Sunday will talk Rift PvP with Seatin, ScionStorm and special guest SirSpaceboots. You can check them out on MMORPG.com’s twitch channel at 1PM PDT on Oct 19th 2014 (TC)(CD).
  • Paragon Warrior PvP Video. GrimTheGamer gets into some Paragon PvP in the Port Scion Warfront in his latest PvP video.
  • Ascend a Friend System Explained Video. Intim explains the Ascend-a-Friend system in RIFT including how to get your unique referral code and the type of Referral Rewards you can obtain with the Referral Coins you get from referring new players to the game. [Video]
  • October Dimensions. Feendish shows off a few October-related dimensions including the <Fire and Ice> guild dimension on Hailol with their Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Halloween-themed dimensions from Lexya@Hailol, Aslaug@Deepwood, Mirisa@Greybriar and Lils@Greybriar. A pretty freaky-looking cocooned victim (perhaps spent too long reading that book!). Check them all out here and keep an eye out for more Halloween-themed dimensions!
  • Castle Darkheart Dimension. Feendish provides a summary with some enticing screenshots of Xosh@Faeblight’s “Castle Darkheart (RP)” dimension. Check it out on the American shard Faeblight or preview some screenshots here.

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