Contest: Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack

Ultimate Nightmare Edition Feature Image

[Contest Closed and winner announced below]

With the Nightmare Tide expansion fast approaching, it’s time to give away an Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack so you are ready and mounted to traverse the nefarious terrain of the Plane of Water. This fantastic pack comes courtesy of CM Kiwibird!

The Contest

To give yourself a chance at the Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack, tell me in 250 words or less what you would use the Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack for. To help you out, you can check out what the pack contains by visiting RIFT’s Collector’s Edition page or by checking out an article with expanded information about each pack here.

Contest ends at 9PM PDT on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 (TC)(CD) to give you time to apply the code prior to the expansion’s launch, so get your entry in quick!

Rules & Instructions

  • Please post your entry in the comments section below.
  • Please leave your charactername@shardname in your entry.
  • Entry must be 250 words or less. Will be checked.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Both NA and EU players can participate.
  • Contest ends at 9PM PDT on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 (TC)(CD).
  • Judging will be at my discretion. My main thoughts when picking the winner will be: Who wants this most? Who will make the most use of this pack? and How interesting is this entry?
  • Code will be sent to the winner’s in-game mail as soon as possible.

Good luck and see you all in Nightmare Tide!


Congratulations to neruwind@faeblight for winning the Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack!

It was a difficult contest to judge between all the amazing entries but I was able to narrow it down to neruwind‘s post which fulfilled the ‘who wants this most? who will make the most use of this pack?’ criteria’s whilst the entry maintained an interesting flare.

Check your in-game mail neruwind for your Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack code!

See you all in Nightmare Tide!

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64 Comments on “Contest: Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack”

  1. Jason Woodward
    October 21, 2014 at 5:33 pm #

    I love the idea of someone giving away the Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack. I have been playing forever, it seems; however, I am a full time college student with 2 kids and all that cool stuff. I have slacked off in my playtime recently because I have just been waiting on the expansion. I feel that winning something may actually spark that original interest all gamers have when they first start playing. The mount is cool, but access to an instant level 60 would be a great way to get my wife hooked.- Gremlin@Seastone Good Luck to everyone guys. I think this is going to lead to some new adventures that PvPers like myself aren’t used to. Have Fun.

    one hundred twenty seven words

  2. robin Schneider
    October 21, 2014 at 5:54 pm #

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the new expansion. I am loving everything about it, have been playing Rift for a few years on and off when not in hospitals having surgeries (110 surgeries and counting) can’t wait to get in and put a hurting on something else other than myself. The extra slots and omg the Cobalt Thresher Mount *faints* and the ability to summon my group to fight side by side… so exciting………… Whomever you choose to win I am sure with be grateful. I know if it were me I will be !!!

    Dezire@laethys NA

  3. Manqix
    October 21, 2014 at 6:34 pm #


    I’m a fan of Despicable Me. Those minions are too cuddly to resist; more minions more minions slots!

    P.S. My birthday is just around the corner, just 2 days before Halloween. This pack will make a fantastic present for both! Spread your love and indulge in this joyous fall 2014.


  4. Nixene
    October 21, 2014 at 7:17 pm #

    Probably the coolest thing about the Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack, is the Nightmare Black Dye. I’m a big fan of customizing wardrobes for my characters, and a wardrobe isn’t complete without custom dyes for each piece! However dying so many pieces of gear with any of the exceptional dyes can be pricey, and so a lot of my wardrobes never make it out of the planning stage. Exceptionally Black Dye goes well with a lot of things, so the Nightmare Black Dye would give me the funding to mesh together the unique pieces of Telaran and Planar armor to create my own awesome outfits! The cosmetic weapons that come with the pack would give me some more variety for further customization of my wardrobes,as well as the diver’s helmet! Of course the mount is pretty cool looking, and the ability to mount up in water would be awesome. The extra bag slot would help out with my dual-gathering professions and armor sets; having a DPS and tank set takes up a lot of space. The instant level 60 potion I could hopefully use to bribe a friend back into playing, though if it doesn’t work I can just level up another alt for PVE content 😛 I hope you take this into consideration, stay awesome and keep up the work! Bulf is love! Bulf@Laethys, NA

  5. NTHype
    October 21, 2014 at 7:53 pm #

    Why I want to win Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack? Thats why 🙂

    Good luck everyone and thanks guys for doing these awesome giveaways for us!


  6. Qwake
    October 21, 2014 at 8:02 pm #


    Maelforge is Red,
    Akylios is Blue,
    I want this Pack
    and so do you

    Qwake is my name
    Rift is my game

    My verses are cheesy,
    and lack of proportionality:

    Some may be awkwardly lengthy,
    others short,
    some don’t even rhyme at all,
    and other just try to fit in.
    Like the last one.
    and this one too.


    I’m a good Bahmi Cleric
    I was born to heal
    But every now and then
    Killing is my thrill

    I play the inquisitor
    and I’m a top class widow maker
    My Nysyr’s Rebuke
    puts everyone on the hook.

    (Adj. 1.on the hook – caught in a difficult or dangerous situation; “there I was back on the hook”)

    The instant level 60 boost
    would be cool as a moose (?)
    So I wouldn’t have to level again for the trillionth time only to play a warrior.
    Lame. (:/ </3)

    The mount is awesome
    and it is a shark
    and sharks are badass
    and sharks are awesome
    and sharks have fins
    so they can swim
    and Bahmis can't swim well
    and Bahmis are awesome
    so they need a shark
    So they can be awesomer in their awesomeness.

    A massive bag
    could be a big help
    so I could carry even more
    [Bloody Animal Fur]
    [Wasp Larva]
    [Bow Wax]
    and a myriad of other exotic goodies.

    Anyways, I really love cats.
    And you too.
    But I love corgis even more.
    So please give me this Nightmare Pack, or my heart will be sore.



  7. Plumpcorpse
    October 21, 2014 at 8:05 pm #

    I was a dumpster baby born out of wedlock by a Guardian and a Defiant. My Defiant mother, anxious that her her guildmates find out about her half-blood prince, disposed of me in the alleys of Meridian. There, cold, crying (but still handsome) I found my very first laptop, quite the defiant monstrosity. The laptop and I became inseparable, at least until the wild grad schools attacked.

    Thus, my gaming time has suffered and my laptop yearns for my warm, comforting presence. Because of these time constraints with 3.0, I’ve learned to maximize my ingame time and enjoyment. In fact, I’ve spent 1000s of plat getting exp and token bonus gear (finally!) from lockboxes, per your advice. The bonus to Manugo rep as well as the 12 (12!) accelerators would greatly increase my Rift productivity despite my time constraints and satchel bags and underwater mount would mean mountains to my molehill personality, and enable me to keep raiding.

    This, ultimately, is the most generous thing I can do. Anything else would be cheating my guildmates of my presence, and that would just be selfish of me.

    Otherwise, I was planning on buying the $50 pack, which would reduce me to eating ketchup packets mixed with water. Again.

    As a side-note, I feel like a shark mount would also put an end to all the teasing I get for my name in crossevents. Just because I’m a plumpcorse doesn’t mean I encourage necrophilia. At least, with a shark mount, the worst I’ll be accused of is bestiality, and that’s better than necrophilia. Unless it’s necro-bestiality.

    Save my relationship with my laptop. End bullying. Remember the Alamo.

  8. jon
    October 21, 2014 at 8:40 pm #

    Hello my name is Gornutz, I’m a current resident of Greybriar.
    I would love to be able to spend my 3.0 experience with a friendly critter named Bloop the Jellyfish. Along with the new cobalt thrasher. Since he can swim that is the best thing in the world currently! I think it would be cool to summon all of my friends to me with the summon, thus leading to a more enjoyable experience in Rift.
    Thank you for your time! 😀

  9. Plumpcorpse
    October 21, 2014 at 9:08 pm #

    forgot shard: Plumpcorpse@Derpwood

  10. neru
    October 22, 2014 at 10:45 am #

    Wow!! I woke up to a great surprise! Thank you again Khortish, Riftgrate and Kiwibird! My writing style was representative of our shard in Faeblight (role playing) =). Looking forward to all the great guides to come. My guild Nordvegr is also a fan of Riftgrate as well, so I’ll be announcing the great news to them. Our guild leaders already have our week planned for 3.0, so all the new perks will be used right away ;).

    I actually just thought of a great idea the following day of my submission and wished i submitted it as well, which was to rename my pet in game to “Riftgrate” as a thank you. Happy 3.0 day to everyone and Let’s get Rifting!

    • October 22, 2014 at 12:29 pm #

      Grats on the pack neru and hope you and your guild enjoy!

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