Notice: Vouchers Removed in NT!

Notice: Vouchers are being removed in Nightmare Tide. If you still want planarite or to send old planar currencies to your alts, now is the time to do so before the expansion patch hitting at 7:30AM PDT on 22nd Oct!

What Vouchers?

Voucher NPCs

Vouchers Being Removed The Voucher NPCs in Sanctum, Meridian and Tempest Bay have had their Sourcestone and Infinity Stone conversion vouchers removed. This includes the Gilded Trunk of Planarite that converts 50 Infinity Stones into 500 Planarite.

The only vouchers that still remain are Annual World Event vouchers.

Shimmersand Rare Planar Goods NPC

Location Shimmersand Rare Planar Goods Voucher NPC Shimmersand’s Rare Planar Goods NPC also no longer has her Vault of Planarite item on the Public Test Shard. This Vault of Planarite converts 50x old Inscribed Sourcestone (gained in Mathosia) to 500 Planarite.

Confirmation of Removal

Daglar has confirmed that these vouchers are being removed with Nightmare Tide and might not come back.

These items have been removed for the time being. We have not yet decided if they will be making a comeback. ~Daglar

He re-assured players that any Vouchers/Vaults you currently own will not be removed. They are just not offering the ability to purchase more at this time. [r]


Don’t forget that Dev Tacitus mentioned in early Oct that old world sourcestones will be removed and auto-converted to planarite at some point in the future. [r] However, the auto-conversion has not occured on the PTS yet so it might be a while until they are automatically converted to planarite.

What To Do?

Since the vouchers are going away, it might be a good idea to use the vouchers on Live and convert them all to planarite, vaults or merge old world sourcestone currency onto a single main. There’s a few benefits to this:

  • New Raid Rift Lures/Nightmare Rifts cost a decent chunk of planarite. Having a ton of (Gilded) Vaults of Planarite will help you buy multiple lures in a single sitting.
  • If you combine all old world sourcestones onto your main, when the auto-conversion eventually occurs (whenever that is) you will receive the converted planarite on your main instead of on an alt you never use.
  • It’s a good time to get that random 200 IS from an alt you rarely use and send it over to your main for Gilded Vaults of Planarite.
  • Since the (Gilded) Vaults of Planarite are Bind to Account, you can always send them to an alt if you are having space issues.

The other thing you could look into doing is visiting all the Planar and Rare Planar Goods vendors all across Mathosia and purchasing some armor and weapons for wardrobe purposes with the old world currency you have.

Get cracking though if you want to still make use of that old currency – expansion is fast approaching.

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