Tip: SL to NT Mat Conversion

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Tip: Hold off on breaking/NPCing your Storm Legion gear if you’re trying to save bag space. Some Storm Legion gear can be runebroken or salvaged into Nightmare Tide materials.

This is intended. As Faratha mentioned back on 7th Oct:

Actually, getting new mats from salvaging is intended. Since we have some gear power overlap between Storm Legion and Plane of Water, your old top-level gear from Storm Legion now counts as Plane of Water-level gear. That means it needs to give you the new mats when you salvage it! [r]

Did a bit of experimenting and here’s what I’ve found:

Gives Nightmare Tide Mats

  • Warlord’s ‘PvP’ gear that can be salvaged. These are from the Depleted Supply Crates since normal PvP gear can’t be salvaged.
  • Expert-Level-and-above Level 60 PvE gear (Expert, T1, T2, T3). Raid gear tends to give Nightmare Stars (Epic/Purple) whilst Rare Expert 60 gear tends to give Capricious Stars (Rare/Blue) rune mats.
  • Level 60 Empyreal Vanquisher’s gear gives NT mats. This is the upgrade tier above the base world gear’s Empyreal Conqueror’s gear.
  • Level 60 Synergy Crystals can be runebroken.
  • Level 60 Seals like Circumspect Consciousness can be runebroken.
  • Level 60 Essences of Glorified rep or higher gives NT mats (the ones that cost 7,200 IS + 20k Planarite). Note that you’ll need to train Savant with the Runecrafting Trainer to be able to runebreak these.

Note: You will need to buy Depleted Supply Crates prior to Nightmare Tide launch if you want to runebreak the gear that drops from them because the entire PvP category in the RIFT Store is being removed with Nightmare Tide.

Does Not Give Nightmare Tide Mats

  • Level 60 un-upgraded lockbox gear. (haven’t been able to check upgraded versions; not enough ESM).
  • Level 60 gear under Expert-level.
  • Level 60 Empyreal Conqueror’s gear does not give NT mats. However, Level 60 World Gear Upgraded to Empyreal Vanquisher’s does give NT mats.
  • Level 60 Torvan Hunters: Honored Essences don’t give NT mats.
  • Level 60 open world mob-dropped gear does not give NT mats.

Cheapest NT Mats

Here’s what looks to be the cheapest way of obtaining existing currency for Nightmare Tide mats:

For Infinity Stones

  • Cheapest for Runebreaking is probably Gilded Synergy Crystals (3,000 IS).
  • Cheapest for Salvage Accessories is probably to upgrade Empyreal Conqueror’s Ring (1,680 IS) with Vanquisher’s Small Cell (5,070 IS) to make Empyreal Vanquisher’s Ring, then salvage. 6,750 IS total per salvage.
  • Cheapest for Salvage Armor is probably to upgrade Empyreal Conqueror’s Boots/Gloves (2,040 IS) with Vanquisher’s Small Cell (5,070 IS) to make Empyreal Vanquisher’s Boots/Gloves, then salvage. 7,080 IS total per salvage.

For Empyreal Slayer’s Marks

  • Probably cheapest to go with Empyreal Slayer’s Gloves/Boots (1,700 ESM) from RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Armor for Runebreaking or Salvage Armor.

Note that you can still make use of ESM in Nightmare Tide for Coruscating Ethereal Shards used in making certain dyes like Exceptionally Black Dye and Dark Ruby Dye.

Of course, disclaimer: Everything is subject to change. It’ll be cheaper to just runebreak/salvage crafted gear you create as you level up your crafting professions to max Savant (450), but these might give you a head start if you aren’t interested in purchasing old Storm Legion gear for wardrobe.

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3 Comments on “Tip: SL to NT Mat Conversion”

  1. Coy
    October 21, 2014 at 3:21 am #

    Oh no, this tip is far too late for me. I sold/salvaged everything already :/

  2. Dan
    May 5, 2015 at 6:47 am #

    I had a bunch of ESM left over and spent 16200 on a Bag of Innumerable Pockets. No regrets =D

    • May 5, 2015 at 11:15 pm #

      It’s an awesome bag; although the new wardrobe system made quite a few of my bank bags rather empty. Hopefully the crafted fluff items slated for the future will make them a little less lonely. 😛

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