Bonuses and Restoration for Shard Downtime

Shards Down Feature Image

Daglar has announced that there will be bonuses for those affected by the shard downtime and restoration of credit purchases are going underway for affected shards: Faeblight, Laethys and Wolfsbane (NA).

  • A hardware outage affected databases that host character data.
  • Wolfsbane and Laethys lost a few minutes to around an hour [although some Laethys players’ achievements seems to indicate up to 3hrs] of data.
  • Faeblight unfortunately was restored to a backup from 3AM PDT Oct 23rd (over 24hrs).
  • Trion are in the process of refunding RIFT Store purchases that were lost on Faeblight and tracking Instant 60 pots that were granted during this time. This may take up to several hours.
  • Trion are also placing Experience and Token bonuses to Faeblight, Laethys and Wolfsbane for the next 48hrs.

25% Bonuses

  • Trion are currently in discussions internally for additional gifts to players affected. No details yet on these.
  • Some players were granted additional 750 bonus credits and e-mailed the following:
750 Credits

750 Credits

The quote from Daglar:

Last night at roughly 4:00 AM pacific we experienced a hardware outage on the following shards: Faeblight, Laethys, and Wolfsbane. Phones were called, people were roused from beds, and the recovery process continued through the morning. This hardware outage affected the databases that host character data.

Recovery of the data for Laethys and Wolfsbane is extremely up to date. It should be within several minutes to an hour of when the outage occurred. Unfortunately, the recovery process of Faeblight, one of our more venerable shards, was not as up to date. Players on the Faeblight shard have been restored to a backup from 3:00 AM Pacific Standard Time from October 23rd. This is a significant loss for players on this shard and we fully understand that.

We are currently in the process of identifying and refunding RIFT Store purchases for users from Faeblight, as well as tracking down any Instant Sixty potions that were granted on this shard. This process may take several hours but we will ensure that any credits spent during this time are returned.

Because of the downtime, we will be applying Exp and Token bonuses to these shards for the next 48 hours. We are currently in discussions internally for additional gifts for players that have been affected by this outage.

Thank you for your patients and support of RIFT, we want to get you back in and playing as soon as possible.

Bill “Daglar” Fisher
Executive Producer

CM Ocho on Credit Restoration:

Credits will be restored, but this is currently in process. It may take up to a couple hours. [r]

Further information about what occured:

I’m not a DBA, nor can I translate everything our DBA’s told me – but yes, there are many layers of backup in place and this is a pretty extraordinary event. They were in contact with external vendors trying to further debug the issue. Part of the extended downtime was due to multiple attempts to properly apply all of the changes back to the database – the process is not fast, and it continued to error out roughly 1.5 hours into the process. Something something T-Files something something — I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty, but very smart people that keep things running all the time and react to problems on a daily basis had reached an impasse.

We could have kept Faeblight down – potentially for multiple days – to work with outside vendors to try to correct the issue. I made the call to return it to the nearest valid backup we have and get things running again.

There are many layers of redundancy, and I think you’ll find, this is a pretty extraordinary event. No one here is happy about this.


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