[Resolved] RIFT (NA) Shards crashed again

Shards Down Feature Image

The NA shards have crashed again as of 7:50PM PDT 25th Oct 2014.

CM Morgana has mentioned they are in the process of bringing them back online:

Hey all,

At this time, all NA shards have crashed, and we are in the process of bringing them back online. As soon as I’ve got more details for you, I’ll be back with more. Thanks for your patience. [r]

Update: 8:01PM PDT: Wolfsbane and Seastone are up.

Update: 8:06PM PDT: Greybriar is up.

Update: 8:10PM PDT: Deepwood is up.

Update 8:11PM PDT: CM Morgana has posted that some characters might not be visible until the database gets booted back up to 100% normality:

Several RIFT shards are starting back up; others are on their way. If you do not see your characters, it’s just because the databases are straining to get started properly! If you don’t see your minions, same thing here. Don’t expect 100% normality until I announce it here. Thanks for your patience! [r]

Update: 8:13PM PDT: Faeblight is up.

Update: 8:22PM PDT: Hailol is up.

Update 8:24PM PDT: Laethys is up.


Doesn’t seem to be a rollback.

(If youre minions have ‘disappeard’, just relog and they should appear again.)

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