RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #3

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Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #3 as at 7:30AM PDT on 29th October 2014 (NA) and 1:00AM GMT on 30th October 2014 (EU). Approx. 1.05GB update.


  • Autumn Harvest World Event. The annual Autumn Harvest World Event is back, beginning at 3:30PM Server Time on 30th Oct 2014 (NA: TCCD) (EU: TCCD) and running until 3:30PM Server Time on 13th November 2014 (NA: TCCD) (EU: TCCD).
    You can check out a guide to the 2013 Autumn Harvest World Event here which should cover most of the activities that you’ll see in 2014. The main changes will likely be new store additions.
  • NT Dailies now reward 25 Void Stones.
  • Minions reward changes.
    • No longer get Small diplomatic awards from Long (8hr) adventures – only Medium.
    • No longer get more than two artifacts from Short (1min/5min/15min) adventures but potential rarity has increased.
    • Increased the chance to get Attainium from Long (8hr) and Promo (10hr) artifact adventures.
  • A bunch of Quest, Instant Adventure and general Zone fixes.
  • Experience from killing mobs/bosses in NT dungeons increased by 30%.
  • Item Hit Adjustments. A lot of Nightmare Tide items now have Hit suitable for entering Nightmare Tide Expert Dungeons:
    • All crafted items;
    • Glacial Maw items;
    • Most Level 65 quest-dropped items.
RIFT 3.0 Hot Fix #3 – 10/29/14

The spoils of Autumn Harvest are back! The festivities begin at 3:30 PM server time on 10/30/14, and they run until 3:30 PM on 11/13/14!Your favourite activities are back: portals to the Realm Of Autumn Harvest, Halloween rifts, and the Black Garden Monster Mash!On the store you’ll find Armored Nightmare Lock Boxes– containing the mount of its name– and Autumn Harvest Grab Bags, full of new costume weapons, two new masks, and the masks of years previous!

Plus, new Minions will make an appearance: Scythe, Necrawler, and Azumel! Send them on special Harvest Adventures to reap the most candy of all.

* Nightmare Tide Daily Quests now award 25 Void stones. Enjoy!

* Totems from lock boxes should once again have Hit.

* The Minions window will now remember your sorting selections. Stamina sort sorts by the minions exact stamina from high to low.
* You can no longer get Small diplomatic awards from Long adventures (you’ll get Medium diplomatic awards instead).
* You can no longer get more than two artifacts from Short artifact adventures, but the potential rarity of those artifacts has been increased.
* Increased chances of getting Attainium for Long and Promotional artifact adventures.
* Fixed the flavor text on some hidden minions.

* Zone Events: If Planar Fortress Zone Events fail, players should now receive a small amount of Voidstone rewards based on the number of Forward Bases that were controlled.
* Moved multiple resource nodes that were hiding inside rocks.
* Lures for the rifts Invasive Species, Sinister Tide, and Hero’s Unrest will indicate that they cannot be used in the Plane of Water, and will not consume the item.
* Low level players who enter the Nightmare Training Shoal instance will now be able to leave through the portal.

* Quest: Debt and Taxes: The quest now correctly informs you to kill a single Final Debt rather than multiple, even though only 1 is required.
* Quest: The Collective Unconscious: The second lost dream will no longer appear inside of a wall.
* Quest: The Center of Oblivion: The End of Oblivion instance should now properly resurrect you after respawning and re-entering the instance.
* Quest: The Extinction of Sanity: Should now work better for players suffering from aggressive VFX culling.
* The Lurking Fall-dwellers in Rended Falls will no longer drop Foraging materials when Butchered.
* Fixed an issue causing players to fall through the floor in Ghar Station Rosh.

* Quest: Numerically Complex: Quest text now directs you to return to Hekhet at Ghar Station Mem rather than Temple of Ranri.
* Quest: Parasites Below: The Infected Skelf Eggs will now despawn after being cleansed.
* Quest: Eyes on the Oculon: Fixed an issue preventing Tempest from using the cannon abilities during this quest.
* Quest: Man-Made Reef: Added more dormant coral and removed restrictions on them which was making the quest frustrating to complete
* Fixed a spawn point for the rare spawn Pyrus to not spawn in terrain.
* Fixed the achievement for “Scouring the Depths” so that killing Ultana increments the achievement.
* IA: Flamescapers: Removed a non-active ability from this adventure.
* IA: Dreambound Crawlers: Fixed the incorrect Empowered NPCs that were showing up.
* IA: Savior of Lost Knowledge: Moved a book that was not reachable.
* IA: Increased the minimum group size for being sent on Major Rift adventures to 7.

* Aegmar’s Head wasn’t located in Aegmar’s Pass, now it is. Our argument is once again valid.
* Quest: Rounding Error: Populations of the research snorox are now fixed and afflicted snorox guaranteed to be present when using the isotope scanner.
* Fixed the rare spawn Numera to no longer spawn in terrain.

* IA: Fixed an issue with a couple of Instant Adventures that did not want to work for Sidekicked players.

* IA: Fixed an issue with a couple of Instant Adventures that did not want to work for Sidekicked players.

* Increased XP granted from killing mobs and bosses in Nightmare Tide dungeons by 30%.
* Fixed a bug where Rapid Assault achievements did not appear to exist for some Nightmare Tide dungeons.
– Note: Gyel Fortress and Citadel of Insanity do not have them, but an update for them is coming in a future hotfix.

* Skylla is now slightly more forgiving.

* Planewalker’s Call can no longer be used while in combat.

* Planar Conservation no longer removes other Anthems aside from Anthem of Fervor.


* Rift Disturbance: The debuff now scales to the player’s level.
* Guardian Phase: No longer removed while the player has Safeguard and either zones or logs in.


* Accords are no longer removed when the Warrior dies.

* Many Nightmare Tide items now have hit suitable for entering expert dungeons:
– All crafted items
– Glacial Maw items
– Most level 65 quests.
* Pressure Proof Treads stats has been adjusted.
* Focus of Nightmares is now Bind to Account.

* Corrected all crafted seal recipes to create the correct seal. Already existing seals, will be upgradable to the next seal tier. No stats are being changed or nerfed in this process.
* Changed Fine Sarfiber Shortbow & Longbow to require a Workbench instead of a Forge to craft.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 29th OCTOBER 2014

You can check out previous patch notes here.


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3 Comments on “RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #3”

  1. Trellarian
    November 2, 2014 at 11:44 pm #

    NT Dailies now reward 25 Void Stones…… Wow So much VS!
    only 1400 dailies a week needed to reach the VS cap.
    But serious: Is there a way to get reasonable amounts of VS or are VS obsolete and should everyone just use crafted gear upgrade it once and go for NT Experts?

    • November 3, 2014 at 12:28 am #

      VS is very important. If you are looking to unlock earrings or planewalker: Water attunement and you don’t have an NT pack, they will be useful. They are also used to purchase essences. As for armor, you probably want to go for Abyssal armor instead and save Void Stones for essences/synergy crystals.

      VS Gain: Probably your best bet is zone event hopping. They give 120 VS per event. Just ‘tag’ them and then do something else like Nightmare Rifts. You’ll need to do Nightmare Rifts for Ghar notoriety and to unlock higher-tier essences (and for some general starter essences) as well as for Illusory Motes used to upgrade your crafted seal and various essences; so it’s a good idea to do NM rifts regardless of VS gain. You won’t gain a lot of VS though so if you’re 100% committed on doing nothing else but gain VS, chain-running zone events is your best bet.

  2. Trellarian
    November 3, 2014 at 7:34 am #

    Thanks for the reply. I just find it strange that Trion made the World gear at all if they dont give people the means to get a reasonable amount of Void Stones to buy it and upgrade it. They could have saved themselves the trouble cause nobody will buy that world gear now.
    I find that a pity cause a big part of these RPG is to advance your character and the progression from world gear to expert gear to raid gear would do just that. I guess everybody is in a hurry these days and wants to be lvl 65 in 1 day and do experts the next day and be raiding withing a week. After 1 month they then complain that the game has no content. (Really stupid if you ask me)

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