RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #5

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Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #5 as at 7:00AM PDT on 5th November 2014 (NA) and 1:00AM GMT on 6th November 2014 (EU).


  • Autumn Harvest Changes. A few changes to costs and quest requirements as well as the extension of Autumn Eyes potion durations.
  • Soul Changes. Various soul changes for each class, including some Masteries changes.
  • Increase Zone Event Void Stones. Each stage in zone events in the Plane of Water as well as final payouts and colossus tagging has had increased Void Stones. Stages = 40; Final = 125; Colossus = 40 VS.
  • Daily Quests now give 40 Void Stones instead of 25.
  • A whole bunch of Nightmare Rift changes.
  • Various Dungeon Changes. Changes include making “A Mannly Demise” and “A Broken Heart” legacy achievements (so they can no longer be gained).
  • PvP. Healing and absorb penalty reduced from 85% to 70%.
RIFT 3.0 Hot Fix #5 – 11/05/14
This Thursday at 12:00 PM PST / 8 PM GMT the Mount Sharax 20-man raid will be unlocked. Face the mighty Sharax giants and Akvan of legend in a decisive battle over the fate of all the cosmos!AUTUMN HARVEST
* Random Discarded Puppet Boxes are available for purchase using event currency.
* The duration of Autumn Eyes potions has been dramatically increased!
* The number of Rifts that need closing for the daily quest has been reduced to 3.
* The World Event store cost of Autumn Eye potions has been changed to 200 Ambersap.
* Autumn Eyes potions no longer require you to have a target when consuming them.
* Touch of the Shade, Random Discarded Puppet: Fae and Random Discarded Puppet: Nobles have had their event currency price restored.

* NPCs no longer walk on water.
* Fixed a bug where unregistered users could not create Customer Service petitions.
* Fixed a possible client lockup for a short time when surrounded by many other players that all get an achievement at the same time, such as killing a zone event boss.
* Promote leader now works properly for cross shard party members, and no longer requires raid frames to function.
* The postmaster will remember to raise the mailbox flag when players receive a COD payment from another player.
* Fixed the problem that resulted in a weekly currency cap reset when the daylight savings time change occurred.

* The amount of Aventurine awarded from Supply Crates and Troves should now be a value significantly higher than 1!

* Fixed a bug in the minion system where chain hurrying adventures could put the system in a bad state.
* Achievements that refer to adventures completed now properly refer to adventures claimed.
* All achievements which require you to collect a certain number of minions will automatically complete on new or existing characters if you’ve earned the achievement on another character.
* Fixed a rare case in the minion system where it would be impossible to hurry a mission.



* Fixed an issue where it was possible to have Shroud of Agony active with the Benevolent Presence Mastery.

* Intercede: Now replaces the target’s Guard with the caster’s Guard. It no longer references Toughness.

* Windwalk” Now increases Dodge by 35%. It no longer references Parry.


* Shared Agony: Now replaces the target’s Guard with the caster’s Guard. It no longer references Toughness.

* Arcane Manipulation: No longer consumes stacks of Internalize Charge.


* Building Fury from Decisive Strikes can now crit. Damage values have been adjusted to account for this.

* Amnesty: No longer grants Toughness, but Guard instead.

* Viral Stream: Description now states that it adds attack points on each pulse.

* Impunity: No longer grants Toughness, but Guard instead.


* Unstable Energy from Timed Focus can now crit. Damage values have been adjusted to account for this.

* Anthem of Fervor: Tooltip now correctly displays the amount of reduction in ability cost.

* Lightning Fury: Armor reduction now correctly scales with level.

* Piercing Shot: Armor reduction now correctly scales with level.

* Acquittal: No longer grants Toughness, but Guard instead.

* Splinter Bomb: Armor reduction now correctly scales with level.

* Cores now display a buff on the Rogue to track how long they have remaining.


* Remnants of Maelforge: Unhatched Eggs should no longer sometimes regenerate their health.
* Increased staged payouts for zone events with those to 40 from 25 void stones
* Increased final payouts for zone events to 125 from 100 void stones.
* Increased colossus payouts for zone events to 40 from 20 void stones.
* Increased daily quest payouts to 40 from 25 void stones.
* A bug with Raid Rift loot chests that could cause them to spawn empty has been fixed.
* Raid Rifts now have a chance to drop higher tier loot.

* Planarite from Nightmare rift stage completion will be doubled in the earlier Tiers, and more than tripled in the later Tiers. We’ll keep an eye on this and adjust as needed!
* Nightmare rift dailies now award some Illusory Motes and Void Stones.
* Nightmare rift mobs are no longer be affected by Rift Prison or Rift Tomb abilities.
* Slightly reduced the requirements of some Nightmare I, II, III, and IV achievements.
* Reduced the Nightmare III and IV “Master” achievement requirements from 20 to 18.
* Quest: Nightmare III: Plague the Mind: Now increments properly.
* Corrected some overtuned abilities on the Nightmare rift bosses Bokrunor and Rakanarth.
* Due to a few bugs that made Nightmare I and II rifts far easier than intended, the leaderboards for these two have been reset.
* Clarified the requirements for the Nightmare rift “Reward Phase Streak” achievements, and renamed them to “Bonus Streak.”
* Semblance of Power and Semblance of Mending item buff duration will increase with each upgrade.
* Reduced AoE range of the Maddening Shield and Maddening Heal abilities. These abilities will also now teleport you out of the rift if you fail to turn away.
* Sphere of Insanity will appear more often, at greater range, and now also applies a healing debuff.

* Ghar Station Bet has laid off the silly seaweed during network transmissions. Commander Zaviel’s apparition less immortal.
* Quest: Murky Water: Now all giants, no matter how awkward, count for something.
* Fixed some typos. Princess Mala no longer allowed to write quest text.
* Practice dummies added to Choreburg below the crafting district.

* Quest: I’m an Old Soul: The Endless Court Captive is no longer so cheerful when addressing Ascended. Thanks to Qauntea@Faeblight!
* Quest: Point Taken: The Burned Barricade in Warden’s Point will no longer sparkle for players that have completed the quest it offers. Thanks to Bobami@Faeblight!
* Quest: Like Moths to a Flame: Now gives credit more consistently.

* Raid Rift: Sea of Ladon: Fixed an issue causing the Arcane and Electro Shields buffs to stop working.
* Raid Rift: Sea of Ladon: Fewer Flokum now spawn to devastate the shields and cannons.
* Quests: Feeding Frenzy Redux: Reduced the range of the Fish Ray.
* Sithicis is no longer stealthed.

* Killing Living Ice no longer erroneously gives credit for the quest Nightmare I: Waking Terror.
* Raid Rift Tears no longer appear in Tenebrean Craters.
* Raid Rift: The Plane Crawler Project: Reduced the maximum number of Technic Thralls that can spawn in Stage 01.
* Quests: The Once and Future Rhen, The Eater of the Sun, Rounding Error, and The Missing Variable: These quests no longer erroneously remove the Word of Power from the quest of the same name if they are completed while on Words of Power.
* Quest: Divine Words: Xoxii will now appear at the proper time.

* Nightmare Tide dungeons have all been given “per boss” kill achievements. The point value for kill and meta achievements has been adjusted (5 for a standard or expert kill, 10 for the standard meta, 15 for the expert meta).
* Killing bosses in Expert mode now also grants the standard versions of the kill achievements.

* The “A Mannly Demise” and “A Broken Heart” achievements have been moved to the legacy category. Expert and Standard mode now award the same achievements: Doing Science and Putting on the Ritz.
* The Frozen Akvari are growing restless. After sitting undisturbed for some time they realized freeing themselves was easier than they believed. It is now easier for players to trigger the Akvari XIII achievement.
* The Forgotten Slayer’s called by Shigoroth are now more reliable in coming to join the fray!

* Players that descend into madness during the Shade of Akylios should now be able to consistently see the orbs.
* The achievement titled “Nightmare Coast” which claimed to be given by completing the Arak fight without any Manifest Terrors successfully casting Horrific Transformation has been removed, and removed from Conqueror: Nightmare Coast.

* The achievement “A Trusty Villain” (defeat Nightmare Ragnoth) is now correctly granted upon defeating nightmare Ragnoth, rather than when completing the “Not in Your Wildest Dreams” achievement (something other than defeat Nightmare Ragnoth).
* Nightmare Ragnoth has gotten a decent amount of exercise lately and as a result he will now chase players faster!

* Fixed a possible edge case where Keeper Turrets would not fire and bring down Altha’s shield.
* Players should now more reliably be granted the “I, Tenebrean” achievement.
* Artifacts in this chronicle can now be tracked.

* Fixed an issue causing Weyloz to not enrage when the encounter times runs out.
* Dominance scores are now correctly recorded for all bosses.
* Mindless Spawnlings’ Last Gasp is no longer purgeable.
* Tank items will drop slightly less often.
* The mobs waiting near Finric will no longer reaggro on players without provocation after a raid wipe.
* Fixed an issue that could cause Finric to stop attacking.
* Once Finric enters combat, the Ascended Jumper buff will be reapplied to players throughout the fight.

* Reduced the PVP healing and absorb penalty from 85% to 70%.

* The “Consumed by Nightmares I” achievement can now be earned!
* Fixed typos in the the “Consumed By Nightmares” line of achievements.
* Fixed typos in flavor text on some Nightmare Seals

* Illusory Motes and other Nightmare rift items that were intended to Bind on Account will now actually be Bound to Account.

* Reduced volume of Arethea singing through loudspeakers.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 5th NOVEMBER 2014

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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