Data on Nightmare Rifts and Zone Events

Nightmare Rifts Data Feature Image

Lead Content Designer Mike “MikeD” Daugherty has posted some interesting data surrounding Nightmare Rifts and Zone Events in the Plane of Water.

Nightmare Rifts Data

  • As of Oct 31st there have been 7,471 Nightmare Rifts completed! [r]
  • Of those rifts, 276,621 Nightmare Rift Stages were completed. That averages out at 37 stages per rift! [r]
Nightmare Rift Stages vs Players

Nightmare Rift Stages vs Players Chart

As expected, as the days went by the average stage reached in a Nightmare Rift increased as players leveled up, geared up and familiarised themselves with the mechanics of these new rifts.

More Players More Stages

It seems that – at least for Rank I and II Nightmare Rifts, more players have led to higher stages. The biggest issue – as most of you who have participated in a Nightmare Rift are probably well aware of – is that there’s always players who fail shielding mechanics.

It will be interesting to see whether the average stages gets boosted significantly once the adjustments to Nightmare Rifts with this week’s hotfix goes through, as follows:

  • Nightmare rift mobs are no longer be affected by Rift Prison or Rift Tomb abilities.
  • Corrected some overtuned abilities on the Nightmare rift bosses Bokrunor and Rakanarth.
  • Reduced AoE range of the Maddening Shield and Maddening Heal abilities. These abilities will also now teleport you out of the rift if you fail to turn away.

Rank 3 Exception

The exception to ‘more players; more stages’ would be the Nightmare Rank 3s.

Nightmare Rift Rank 3 Stages vs Players

Nightmare Rift Rank 3 Stages vs Players Chart

It seems for Rank 3s, the highest stages are reached by those with about 20 or less players in them.

That correlates with the Shores of Terror instance that can only take 20 players. With the instance you won’t get random players clicking powerups and misusing them and you are likely to get players using voice chat program to properly co-ordinate and set up an optimal raid composition.

  • The ones above 20 players are in the open world and since Nightmare 3s can only be opened in the Plane of Water zones, they are bound to fail due to significant hp buffs on mobs from the number of players around them.
  • Congratulations to <White Fang> for getting to Stage 99 which is the highest stage thus far for Rank 3s (at least on the North American shards).

One of the issues hampering players recently has been the invisible floor in the Shores of Terror instance which may have encouraged the open world rifts. Let’s see how far players can push when the invisible floor bug is fixed and after the adjustments being made in this week’s hotfix to Nightmare Rifts in the Plane of Water. [r]

Still no Rank 4s or 5s.

Nightmare Tide Zone Events

Day 1 on 22nd Oct there was under 40 zone events completed in the Plane of Water, but by Sunday in the following week on 30th Oct there was a total of just under 160 zone events completed. This will probably increase as more players hit cap and start farming Void Stones. [r]

Nightmare Tide Zone Events Completed Per Day Oct 2014

Nightmare Tide Zone Events Completed Per Day Oct 2014 Chart

As expected, zone events completed were rather low at the beginning as most players concentrated on leveling, questing, or were just overwhelmed by the population-adjusted Elite invasions that poured through the rifts.

Some interesting stats shown by MikeD. I’m sure we’ll be seeing higher numbers as the performance adjustments and Nightmare Rift changes come onto Live with this week’s hotfix.

Who will get shard first Rank III Master and do the first ever Rank 4 rift? Will it be obtainable this week?

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