RIFT News Tidbits 4th November 2014

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RIFT news tidbits for 4th November 2014. Check out all the info below:


  • Minions Info.
    • Minion Database. The Minion Database is now up to 107 minions added in by RIFT players. You can check it out here. Quite a lot to hunt for and there’s bound to be a ton more than that in-game. Ones we’re short on are artifact set rewarded-minion cards and the mob/rift dropped ones. Only two hidden minion cards discovered thus far as well!
    • Reshuffle Feature. A feature to re-shuffle Adventures is in the works although other Minion improvements take priority. No ETA or further details, but this will probably give you a limited ability to try for a new set of adventures outside of the daily reset. [r]
  • Mount Sharax Opens Thursday. DEV_Anony has announced the exact time that the Mount Sharax Tier 1 20-man raid will be open: Thursday at 12:00 PM PST (TC)(CD) on all US and EU shards. If the portal hasn’t changed from PTS, it should be located at /setwaypoint 4740 2222.
  • Extra Life 2014. Titles should have gone out by now and today a whole bunch of players have started receiving their fundraiser milestone reward codes via e-mail from support@extra-life.org. (gmail users be sure to check your Promotions tab).
    • Trion Worlds Team hits $98,250 raised! [r] Extra Life also reaches over $5.6mil total raised! Great job all!
    • $500 portrait codes should come in tomorrow. [r]
    • If anyone missed it, here’s RoughRaptors (DEV_SupermanSocks) getting hit by a ton of nerf darts as part of his Extra Life contest. [r] Audio starts at about 15min into the vid.
    • Below are screenshots of the Extra Life Cape, Extra Life Portrait and the super-special $500-raised Extra Life Portrait. The $500 one looks pretty sweet, especially if you only have two bars so it shows more of the wings.
Extra Life RIFT Goodies

Extra Life RIFT Goodies

  • Server Performance Improvement. Pithos has announced that Trion are making configuration changes that will go live with RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #5 this week that will provide a 50% boost to the processing power available “to the heavily loaded process types” focusing on the Plane of Water zones. [r]
  • AH Tagging Issues. There’s some issues with certain Nightmare Tide equips such as Icebreakers which might appear in one category but not the appropriate sub-category. Trion is aware of the issue and will look into it. [r]
  • Itemization Issues. You may have noticed that some bow drops are giving Cleric stats. Archonix explains that when the game tries to generate a Cleric Shield, it is instead generating a Bow. This will be fixed in next week’s hotfix. [r]
  • Nightmare Rift Data. MikeD has posted some interesting data for Nightmare Rifts and Nightmare Tide Zone Events. Check them out here – 99 is the highest stage for Rank 3s thus far; nobody has touched Rank 4 or 5 yet! Perhaps there’s no need to rush to grind The Ghar notoriety if nobody even has the gear to unlock the Rank 3 essences yet? [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Leftover Town Dimension. Feendish takes a trip to Kahlann@Zaviel’s “Leftover Town” dimension. A pretty amazing dimension that makes a typical ‘storage’ dimension into something special. Check out screenshots and more information here!
  • Featured Dimensioneer: Agrona@Hailol. Nouvae over at Dimension Gallery interviews fellow dimensioneer Agrona@Hailol and shows off some of their dimensions. Check them all out here and be sure to give Agrona’s dimensions a visit!
  • Do my bidding, minions! Massively’s Justin Olivetti talks about his experiences with RIFT’s Minions System as well as what the system is all about. Check out the article here! [r]
  • Mage 61 Harbinger 3.0 Leveling Guide [Video]. Intim has uploaded a video on using the 61 Harbinger spec for mages to level in Nightmare Tide! Check it out here.
  • Cleric Cabalist and Purifer Guides [Video]. Seatin has posted up 3.0 Cleric Cabalist and Purifier video guides for getting you through NT Experts and onwards into raiding. Check them out here: [Cabalist] [Purifier].
  • Top of Rift Raiding Report. TopofRift.com has posted up a report of all guilds that have cleared the Tier 1 10-man Rhen of Fate for this week’s reset (28th Oct – 4th Nov). Check them out here. Grats to Apotheosys (EU) for World First Rhen of Fate clear. [r]

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