RIFT News Tidbits 5th November 2014

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RIFT news tidbits for 5th November 2014. Check out all the info below:


  • PTS Update + Datamining 5th Nov 2014. A new 1.63GB update hit the Public Test Shard today. Trion has added auto-re-buffing when changing mentor levels and there’s a new cape datamined. Dummy Foundry has also been updated with Level 65 and 67 dummies. Check them out here.
  • Quest Achievement Adjustment. A few quests were removed right before the launch of Nightmare Tide but the quest-completed achievements weren’t updated to reflect these changes. Dead Simon will be reducing the amount of quests needed to complete Plane of Water zone-completion achievements in next week’s hotfix. [r] Changes will automatically be applied so if you meet the new requirements you should get the achievement/s. [r]
  • Thinking Out of the Box Achievement Adjustment. The ‘Thinking Out of the Box” achievement founder under Achievements -> Zones -> RIFT: Nightmare Tide -> Tarken Glacier relates to the Tarken Glacier puzzle and beating the AI with only one square lost. Dead Simon has gone over the data and it looks like only 7 players have gotten the achievement thus far. He has decided to make the achievement easier to obtain by making it so that you get the achievement if you win with the AI opponent only possessing two squares or less. [r]
  • Joy to the Fishes Quest Bugged. Some players are unable to pick up the fish for the Joy to the Fishes daily quest in Goboro Reef. Darkmoon has responded stating that Trion will be investigating this bug. [r]
  • Rhen of Fate Bug. Krug has put in a fix for the chain bug for the Drekanoth of Fate encounter in the Rhen of Fate Tier 1 10-man raid. This will go out with next week’s hotfix. [r]
  • Auto-recast Buffs. The latest PTS update has allowed player and pet buffs to automatically recast when your mentor level changes. If you are on the PTS, give this change the run-through! [r]
  • Mobile App. A new build is up for the RIFT app on Android that fixes scratch cards that were extremely zoomed in on certain devices. More updates for the RIFT app are on-going. [r]
  • Trion seeks Senior Database Administrator. Are you a Senior Database Administrator? Trion is looking to add another database admin to their roster in Austin, Texas. Check out more info here.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Intim gets World 7th ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ Achievement. Bounties are an expensive hobby, but as an avid artifact hunter, Intim has finally gotten World 7th The Most Dangerous Game achievement. Congratulations to Intim! [r]
  • Free From Strife Dimension. Dimensiondiva takes a tour of Linxie@Wolfsbane’s ‘Free From Strife’ dimensions with a nice slideshow of the highlights of the dimension. A marvel to behold – check it out here!
  • The Rift Episode Two – Leveling Up [Video]. Iogro Merrybelly goes on an adventure through RIFT, leveling up from scratch. New to RIFT? Join him on his adventure in Telera as a Guardian Dwarf.

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