RIFT News Tidbits 6th-7th November 2014

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RIFT news tidbits for 6th-7th November 2014. Check out all the info below:


  • Minions Info.
    • Hurrying does not effect loot roll. [r]
    • Minion Level alone does not effect loot roll. [r]
    • Hidden Minion Cards. You may have noticed that your Hidden Minion Card (like Drekanoth of Fate) does not seem to increase attribute values as you increase your level. Snedhepl has hinted that this is intended and that “they may get a sudden burst of points later on” – so keep leveling those 6-attribute cards! [r]
    • Minion Card Database. The Minion Card Database is now at 118 cards! Thank you to everyone who has helped build up the database! Check out the database here!
  • Extra Life – Artifacts for All! Dead Simon has announced that anyone who donated to his fundraising page here will get an artifact named after them. If you included your e-mail as part of your donation then a community member will contact you shortly. If you donated anonymously and did not include your character@shard in your donation comments, please send proof of donation to community@riftgame.com. [r]
  • RIFT Forum gets new background. The RIFT Forum has gotten a new background.
RIFT Forum Nightmare Tide Background Image

RIFT Forum Nightmare Tide Background Image

  • No More Chain Sagas. Tacitus states that Trion will likely not be adding any more of the long chain sagas such as the Life, Death and Water Sagas. [r]
  • Performance Improvements On-going. Pithos has stated that improvements to performance in the Plane of Water zones are on-going with another improvement that should be ready by next week’s hotfix, or sooner. [r]
  • Quest: Breaking the Ice. The ‘Breaking the Ice’ quest auto-completed yesterday for everyone (and seemed to coincide with a shard crash shortly afterwards). The quest is flagged for auto-completion, although it doesn’t seem to count for the total quests achievements. A proper fix is coming next week. [r]
  • Mage Rejuvenating Presence Mastery Bug. Occasionally the mastery will ‘reset’ and not allow you to spread blazing light with lucent slash. This will be fixed in next week’s hotfix. [r]
  • IA Revamp. Instant Adventure is being revamped to deal with leechers/afkers. A possible solution that Trion is currently fiddling around with is to place a 15min deserter debuff on leechers/afkers. ETA is unknown, although it will not make 3.1. [r]
  • PvP Hit. Hit is no longer used in PvP. However, the base percentage of hitting an opponent in PvP is not 100% and you will occasionally miss. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Tarken Glacier Puzzle and ‘Thinking Out of the Box’ Achievement guide. Snap on the RIFT forums has created a detailed guide for completing the Tarken Glacier puzzle and getting the ‘Thinking Out of the Box’ achievement for completing the puzzle with the AI only getting one or two squares. Check it out here!
  • Shadow From the Beyond Chronicle Guide [Video]. Intim had uploaded a guide to the new Level 65 Shadow From the Beyond Chronicle! Check it out here and learn about the dangers arriving from beyond the cosmos!
  • Beiria’s Sanctuary Dimension. Feendish takes a trip into Beiria@Faeblight’s ‘Beiria’s Sanctuary’ dimension. A serene house in the Edge of Infinity dimension with a calm lake, garden and even a bird feeder. Check out screenshots and more info here and don’t forget to check out the dimension on Faeblight! [r]
  • Feendish’ 50th Dimension! Dimensiondiva has posted an article in celebration of Feendish’s 50th dimension! Sirens’ Grotto is located on Greybriar and marks a long journey that Feendish has undertaken to create all these dimensions. You can check out the article here that highlights her 50th dimension, and check out her other dimensions here.

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