RIFT News Tidbits 8th-9th November 2014

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RIFT news tidbits for 8th-9th November 2014. Check out all the info below:


  • Minions Info.
    • Auto-Filtering Checkbox. Gingers has announced that they’ve added in a checkbox on the Adventure tab that you can toggle so that when you select an Adventure, only minion cards with matching attributes will appear. This feature is expected to hit Live in the next hotfix. [r]
    • Dimension Boxes. Long/Promo dimension adventures provide you with a star-rated dimension box containing dimension items and sometimes even attainium crystals. At some point in the future the lower 5min and 15min dimension adventures will also reward boxes to help you save inventory space. [r]
    • Hidden Minion Cards. Snedhepl confirms that there are no ‘rules’ to hidden minion cards. All other cards have set rules (like a starting stamina value of 10 leads to a final value of 20 when maxed out). [r] Keep leveling your hidden minion cards! Them staying at 1 value for each attribute as they level up is not a bug! See what happens when you hit certain levels!
    • Ra’Aran of Fate. Noshei has posted information about how they got the Ra’Aran of Fate hidden minion card. It seems you need to kill Magicillian in the Bindings of Blood: Maelforge encounter (Level 60 Tier 3 20-man raid) and then have someone click the orb that teleports you to the Maelforge encounter. Everyone in the raid gets the card at that point. It is still unknown whether the person who clicks the orb needs any extra achievements to trigger this. [r]
    • Why GMT? Why do Adventures reset at 12am GMT instead of server time (after your next login)? Turns out Snedhepl set it to midnight, thought it was for local time, but it was actually for GMT. [r]
    • Minion Card Database. The Minion Card Database has reached 120 cards! Thank you to everyone who has helped build up the database! Check out the database here! How many have you collected?
  • Instant Adventure Changes. A few changes will be coming their way to Instant Adventures. Some of these are ready and may appear as soon as next hotfix: [r]
    • Experience rewards from IAs are no longer based on expansion – they will be based on the real level of your character. This means increased experience rewards for doing lower-level IAs.
    • This experience change will also affect Rifts, including Nightmare Rifts so you will no longer get reduced experience in previous continents.
    • Rewards from Instant Adventures will scale appropriately with your real level. They will no longer be affected by the zone you are in – this includes Caches.
    • Rewards will group all rewards available per cache – Adventure, Empyrean Adventure and Pelagic Adventure Caches. This means – for example – that you can get the mount that was previously only awarded in Ember Isle IAs now by doing other IAs since it will drop from the Caches themselves. [r]
    • Planar Attunement Experience Crystals will no longer be rewarded to players who are Level 50+ since experience rewards will now be based on your actual level. The change to experience rewards will outweigh the loss of the PA XP Crystals currently gained in IAs.
  • Correction: Chain Sagas. Tacitus has clarified his earlier statement about Chain Sagas. There’s a chance that new Sagas will appear in the future, but they will not be like the old-school EverQuest Epic quests like the Life/Death/Water Sagas used to be. [r]
  • Bug: Expert Loot Soulbound. As some of you may have noticed, Nightmare Tide Expert Loot becomes soulbound as soon as you loot it whereas previously you were given 30min or so to trade to other party members in your shard. This is a bug and will be fixed in a “future hotfix”. No exact ETA. [r]
  • Bug: Emancipation Through Decimation. This quest is flagged to auto-complete until a proper fix comes in for the quest. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Quick Inquisitor Guide. Burninalways has a 3.0 Cleric Inquisitor guide with new rotations, spec (61 Inq/10 Sham/5 Defiler) and Masteries. Check out the guide here and start practicing your new rotations!
  • 3.0 Ranger PvP Guide. TheGrimGamer has uploaded a video guide to 3.0 Rogue Ranger soul in PvP. Check it out here!
  • Arkham Dimension. Ludwiig@Brisesol’s ‘Arkham’ dimension is a spooky dimension housed within the Dormant Core with some very well-built interiors to match the insane asylum that we all know and love. Check it out here!
  • Featured Dimensioneer – Nathanae@Brisesol. The folks over at Dimension Gallery have featured Nathanae@Brisesol’s dimensions in their latest article. Check out the interview here as well as some amazing screenshots of some of her dimensions!

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