RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #6

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Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #6 as at 7:30AM PDT on 12th November 2014 (NA) and 1:00AM GMT on 13th November 2014 (EU).


  • Autumn Harvest extended until 11:59PM on November 19th.
  • Player buffs auto-recast when mentor level changes.
  • Minions have auto-match attributes checkbox. Clicking it will make it so that when you choose an Adventure, only Minions with attribute/s that match the Adventure’s attribute/s will be shown.
  • Holy Champion, Fury of the Ascended and Anti-Planar Augmentation will now work more like they did prior to Nightmare Tide launch. It has now changed to the old version, but with one exception – cooldown is now 20 seconds longer than before so you have a larger down-time.

Fury of the Ascended Change

  • Various Soul Masteries and other changes. Warrior’s Void Knight soul received quite a few adjustments.
  • Various Plane of Water zone quest bug fixes.
  • Several Expert Dungeon drops can now be traded to group members within 30min.
  • Mount Sharax and The Rhen of Fate adjustments and bug fixes.
RIFT 3.0 Hot Fix #6 – 11/12/14

* Autumn Harvest has been extended by a week! It now runs until 11:59 PM server time on November 19th!
* Minions: Autumn Harvest adventures now appear more often. Rejoice!

* Player buffs are now automatically recast when the player’s mentor level changes.
* Fixed auction house sorting on several dropped items.
* Fixed a rare issue with Soulwalk sometimes ending prematurely.

* The minions window has a new checkbox called “Auto-match Attributes”. If checked, then whenever you select an Adventure, it will only show minions that have the attributes shown on the Adventure card.

* Abilities: Holy Champion, Fury of the Ascended and Anti-Planar Augmentation have been modified to function more like they did prior to the launch of Nightmare Tide.


* Fixed an issue where Benevolent Presence would stop functioning.


* Fixed an issue where Rejuvenating Presence would stop causing Lucent Slash to spread Blazing Light.


* Fixed an issue where the Bard passive gift was not awarding the bonus Base Health.


* Fixed an issue with Building Rage that was causing it to trigger Sweeping Blades.
* Fixed the passive on Decisive Strikes so that it now affects charges appropriately.

* Blessed Aegis: Now increases HP by 10% instead of 5%.
* Hardened Defenses: Now 5% resist per point and swaps places with Aggressive Guardian.

* Rancid Cleave: Damage is now augmented by the number of Reaver dots on the target.

* Accord of Power: Now increases block by 5% in addition to the Weapon Damage and Attack Power bonus.
* Destructive Forces: Fixed an issue where the bonus Attack Power percentage was not being calculated correctly. It is now a true 0.05/1.0/1.5% of your Attack Power.
* Devourer: Now increases damage reduction by 2% per point invested for all damage types.
* Devouring Shield: Cooldown has been reduced to 90s from 2m.
* Protective Shield: Now reduces damage taken by 6% per pact consumed. Max 5. Cooldown increased to 2m.
* Residual Absorption: Now passive and is 3% spell damage reduction per point invested.
* Rift Distortion: Now reduces all damage by 2% instead of just spell damage by 4%.
* Rift Shield: Now absorbs damage equal to 5% of your Max HP per pact consumed. Cooldown increased to 45s.
* Surging Touch: Now reduces damage when blocking by 1.5% per point invested instead of reducing spell damage.
* Unstable Void: Now increases HP by 10% instead of 5%.
* Void: Now reduces all damage taken by 3%.

* Low level players completing rifts and Instant Adventures in high level zones now gain less experience.
* Failing Planar Fortress Events will now offer slightly better rewards.

* Fixed an issue with Nightmare Rifts sometimes creating unkillable, zombie players.
* Achievements: All “Reach stage X” achievements are now given upon reaching the listed stage, rather than upon its completion.

* Quest: The Key to the City: The keys should now be delivered to Arlana Eshen at Ghar Station Rosh.
* The Nightmare Bandits in Shadow Scion can now be attacked by player pets.

* Quest: Joy to the Fishes: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Young Bluetails to be untargetable.
* Quest: Biodegradable: This quest has been completely reworked.
* Raid Rift: Sea of Ladon:
– Quogon’s Arcani and Electro Demise abilities have become Nexus Demise, which can be removed by either Electro or Arcane shields.
– Quogon no longer casts Inhale or Spray.
– Reduced the damage of various abilities.
– Slibberjacks no longer cast Fang Spike.
– Nexus Rivos and Flokum no longer give experience.
– Reduced the damage of Nexus Cannons.
– Increased the cooldown of Turret Shot to 45 seconds.

* Quest: Akvan Underground: Now completes with Frekker, who should never be dead.
* Quest: Breaking the Ice: Now works correctly.
* Quest: Burnt Threads: Now requires 8 Fate Weavers to be incinerated instead of 7.
* Quest: Roll the Bones: The locator for the second step of this quest now points to the correct location.

* Several Expert Dungeon dropped items can now be traded to group mates within a 30 minute grace period.
* Achievement: Nightmare Coast: Conqueror: This achievement now has an item reward.
– Note: VFX

* Achievement: Multi-Kill: Now requires you hit 7 NPCs instead of 8, making this achievement slightly less annoying.

* Bulf:
– Bulf’s death will no longer enrage Jinoscoth.
– Bulf will no longer angrily chase after players who have wiped.
* Jinoscoth:
– It seems not even Jinoscoth is completely invulnerable to the cold…Frost Bulwark now takes 1.4 seconds to cast, up from 1.3 seconds.
* Izkinra:
– We have refactored the fight enrage timer slightly. The same enrage time is now divided among the different phases which gives a minimum time to complete each.
* Threngar:
– Threngar’s achievements are now visible in the appropriate section.

* Fixed a bug where Nightmare Totek was not awarding achievements like he should.

* Achievement: The Rhen of Fate: Defeating all the bosses now grants this achievement.
* Unthralled Brutes are now faster on their feet.
* Finric:
– Fighting Finric no longer automatically removes stealth.
– Finric has gained the ability Far Strike, enabling him to pummel his target at a distance.
* Drekanoth of Fate:
– Fixed an issue that could cause the The Chains of Fate cast by the Drekanoth of Fate to not resolve properly.
– Fixed an issue that kept the Drekanoth of Fate from casting his Doom ability.
– Will now wait a few seconds after the last World Collapser is destroyed before casting Scorching Light.
– Chains of Fate can now only hit players twice within a three second period.
* Weyloz, Hidrac, Oonta:
– When one dies, they now stop pulsing the Comrades Near or Comrades Far AoE. However, the last boss standing will continue casting Comrades Near.
– When fighting these bosses, the Chosen of Iron and Stone debuffs are now removed when the fight resets, and not when the player exits combat.

* The level 65 version of Guns for Hire and Carnage: Ascended now grant Void Stones as rewards.
* Players level 61 and above now gain more experience from PVP activities.

* Fixed a bug that would allow bows to drop for Clerics from Marauder Supply Crates.
* Fixed a typo in the item description of the Pelagic Powerstone. It now correctly lists that it gives 350 Spell Power instead of 325.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 12th NOVEMBER 2014

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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4 Comments on “RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #6”

  1. firenzee
    November 13, 2014 at 5:15 am #

    Timed Focus (64 rogue mastery) got “ninja nerfed”. Vladd already said it was unintended and it will be fixed in the next patch.

    • November 13, 2014 at 2:11 pm #

      Thanks for the info Firenzee! Unfortunate for Rogues who are pushing content that have to wait till next week to get that fixed.

  2. Takame
    November 13, 2014 at 8:19 am #

    I tried out Fury of the Ascended. It seems the downtime is shorter than I expected: about 7 seconds. Still a pretty long time if you have ten elite invasions on you.

    • November 13, 2014 at 2:11 pm #

      The downtime is currently affected by your PA abilities like Runic Mastery that increases the duration of temporary items. Tacitus has stated that this is unintended so with next week’s hotfix the Fury of the Ascended won’t benefit from those PA passives anymore.

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