RIFT News Tidbits 12th-13th November 2014

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RIFT news tidbits for 12th-13th November 2014. Check out all the info below:


  • Minions Info.
    • Linking Minions in Chat. Snedhepl has stated that the ability to link Minions in chat (that have already been collected) is “coming soon”. [r]
    • Minions Database is up to 135 regular minion cards + 3 hidden minion cards! Thanks to everyone for your contributions to the database!
    • Hidden Minion Card: Fluffy. Voltaren09, Arkanja and Karthax have revealed how to get the hidden minion card: Fluffy. Simply join a warfront, summon your Fluffy companion pet and win the warfront to have the Fluffy minion card appear in your rift loot bag. Note: Cannot be carnival fluffy companion pets. Minion Card: Fluffy only has two attributes – Death and Assassination – although it might have other special features once leveled up a bit.
Minion Card Fluffy

Minion Card Fluffy

  • RiftHead to close. RiftHead (originally ZAM Rift) is a RIFT database going back to the beginning of RIFT. Calthine from the ZAM Network has announced that the database will be closing as of November 19th 2014. Fret not though, Magelo is continues to update their database for all your item database/soul tree calculator needs!
  • Loot/Reward Changes for Instant Adventures. The changes coming to loot/rewards (combining each continent’s IAs into its own reward cache) will not be arriving on Live shards until some time around December 5th. [r]
  • Fury of the Ascended changed. With the latest RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #6 Holy Champion, Fury of the Ascended and Anti-Planar Augmentation will now work like pre-Nightmare Tide versions with the exception of an additional 20 second cool-down above the original 1min duration/1min CD.
    • First up, this was due to lag issues at zone events. The way the new Fury of the Ascended was designed (with up to 20 stacks of the buff) seems to have been one of the factors for the additional lag seen during these events. [r]
    • Right now PA abilities that extend consumable/buff durations are affecting Fury of the Ascended so you end up with a very short cooldown. This is unintended and will be fixed in next week’s hotfix so the cooldown is 20secs longer than the ability’s duration (1min). [r]
    • You can currently use Fury of the Ascended and Holy Champion/Anti-Planar Augmentation on separate cooldowns. This will be fixed with next week’s hotfix.
  • Amphora Cape – Cloak of Shadows. You can get yourself a Cloak of Shadows Cape by purchasing the puzzle game Amphora from GLYPH. [r]
Cloak of Shadows Amphora

Cloak of Shadows Amphora. IMG Src: Trion Worlds.

  • Planar Charges on Mentoring. The issue of losing Planar Charges when you mentor down is still being looked at. There’s no ETA on a fix, but one is being worked on. [r]
  • Drekanoth of Fate Broken. With the latest hotfix the Drekanoth of Fate encounter in the 10-man Rhen of Fate raid has been broken. Krug has temporarily removed the Scorching Light mechanic until a fix can be implemented. He is also investigating issues with line of sight mechanics and link-breaking. [r]
  • Shaman’s Frozen Wrath Not Spreading on Mentor. Cleric Shaman’s Frozen Wrath ability is not being spread when mentored down. Kervik is looking into this issue. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • World First Jinoscoth Kill by Vendetta [Video]. RoughRaptors has uploaded the ‘contested’ World First Jinoscoth kill video from Mount Sharax. Check it out here. Fight starts at 1min 16sec into the video.
  • Millrush Manor Dimension. Nouvae@Hailol’s Millrush Manor looks absolutely stunning. Feendish takes a tour of this large 1,100-items dimension. Check it out here and if you’re an avid dimensioneer that happens to be on the NA shards, join the dimensionaddicts@deepwood channel by typing /join dimensionaddicts@deepwood.
  • 3.0 61 Pyromancer Mage Guide [Video]. Intim has posted up a personal 61 Pyromancer build for RIFT 3.0. Check it out here!
  • Rhen of Fate Boss Guides. RiftRaidGuides.com has posted up boss guides for each boss in the Tier 1 10-man Rhen of Fate. Check them out here!

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One Comment on “RIFT News Tidbits 12th-13th November 2014”

  1. gizmovision
    November 13, 2014 at 5:50 pm #

    *Planar Charges on Mentoring. The issue of losing Planar Charges when you mentor down is still being looked at. There’s no ETA on a fix, but one is being worked on. [r]
    Its not just down its going up too. I went from 10 to 3 when joining a level 65 Nightmare Rift III. I was level 62. and being kicked out of a rift (thrown out by a mob mechanic) and sent to another level range sucks big time too. Going from a level 9 Nightmare Rift I and being made level 18 and then joining back in the battle (having to summon a pet and recast buffs!)

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