RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #7

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Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #7 as at 7:00AM PDT on 19th November 2014 (NA) and 1:00AM GMT on 20th November 2014 (EU).


  • Unicornalia returns! The Unicornalia Promo Week is back starting at 3:30PM Server Time on November 20th and running for a week. You can check out a guide to the Unicornalia Promo Week here. (The guide will be updated on Thursday if anything new is added).
  • Multiple bug fixes for mentoring, minions, Fury of the Ascended and dungeons/raids.
  • Multiple class changes to all classes.
  • The Rhen of Fate Conqueror achievement now grants “Evil Finric” minion.
  • PvP healing penalty increased from 70% to 75%.
RIFT 3.0 Hot Fix #7 – 11/19/14
== PROMOTIONAL EVENT ==Unicornalia returns to Telara this Thursday, November 20th at 3:30 PM server time, running until the following Thursday, November 27th at 3:30 PM server time.

* Fixed an issue with item set bonuses not reactivating after unmentoring.
* Fixed an issue with mentoring stat calculation that affected Absorbs and other abilities
* Fixed an issue with player mounts getting stuck on the edge of nightmares.
* Fixed a server side crash in the minion system.
* Players now keep their extra planar charges while mentoring.
* Fixed an issue that prevented the Nightmare Tide Faction category from displaying a name in the Notoriety window.

* Abilities: Anti-Planar Augmentation, Holy Champion, and Fury of the Ascended now share the same cool down group.
* Abilities: Defiant’s Flare and Guardians Flare now work in Nightmare Tide zones.
* Planar Attunement: Air: Preferred Ally no longer modifies the duration of Holy Champion, Fury of the Ascended and Anti-Planar Augmentation.


* Strike of the Maelstrom: Fixed an issue causing this ability not to spread Frozen Wrath when mentored below level 50.


* Ethereal Flux: Range increasing effects will now also affect the range of this mastery debuff.

* Storm Locus: Range increasing effects will now also affect this ability.

* Radiate Death: Range increasing effects will now also affect this ability.


* Timed Focus: Increased the damage done by Unstable Energy after being reduced due to a bug fix last week.
* Energy Manipulation: Now has a damage variance.
* Watch Over: Should no longer cause issues with the secondary effect if another Rogue with the mastery is present in the Party/Raid.
* Ascended Biology: Cadenza should now heal for the full amount of talent points invested in Invigorated Soul.

*Rejuvenate: Increased the healing value.
* Power of the Planes: Now a single target damaging finisher, and counts as Plane Shifting for triggering effects.

* Advanced Combat Training: Changed to increases Weapon Damage and Attack Power by 2% per point invested.

* Expanded Workload: Now affects base health instead of Endurance.


* Deliberate Strikes: Increased the damage done by Building Rage after being reduced due to a bug fix last week.
* Power Manipulation: Now has a damage variance.

* Aegis of Light: Increased the healing done.
* Hardened Defenses: Should now function as intended.

* Dire Corruption: No longer persists on corpses.

* Accord of Resilience: Should now function as intended.
* Fusion of Flesh: No longer requires a pact on the Warrior to cast.


* Trade chat is available in Choreburg!

* Quests: Captive Breeding and Emancipation Through Proclamation: Added scene requirements to the quest items.


* Corrected some VO overlap issues.

* Achievement: So… Uh… I guess we win?: Now grants correctly.
* Izkinra: Fixed a bug where the avalanche would sometimes not spawn boulders.
* Yrlwalach:
– Fixed a race condition which could cause Yrlwalach not to spawn when the instance first starts up.
– Fixed an issue with the enrage timer in this fight.
* Bulf: Has taken anger management courses, and no longer takes out his frustration on wiped raids.
* Manifest Horror is no longer purgeable.

* Fixed the lag that players would experience when Lord Arak spawned.
* Akylios will become very angry if players attempt to swim near him.

* Achievement: Side Step: Fixed a bug causing this achievement to not award properly.

* Added two memory crystals to the chronicle. Players who have previously completed it will now be able to skip the intro vignette with Quintarus, as well as the vignette with Cavalla.

* Achievement: Nah, We’re Good: Can now be attained by using three or fewer Syphoning Orbs in the second boss fight.
* Achievement: Conqueror: The Rhen of Fate: Now grants the Evil Finric minion.
* Achievement: Rapid Assault: The Rhen of Fate: Added this achievement.
* Only killing bosses now saves players to the instance.
* Drekanoth:
– Chains of Fate damage is now capped at 30k per tick.
– Slowed the interval Chains of Fate does damage from every two seconds to every three.
– Increased the grace period before Chains of Fate does damage by one second.
– Fixed the Scorching Light mechanic.

* Increased the healing penalty for PVP to 75%. Up from 70%.
* Fixed an issue with Dodge having little effect in PvP.
* Fixed an issue with PvP guild quests not awarding kill credit.

* Nightmare Caches now properly bind to account upon acquisition.
* Burnoulli can now swim.
* Corrected some Raid dropped items that had lower than expected Hit values.
* Fixed the VFX on The Burning Crown of Raziel.
* The Mystic’s and Savant’s synergy crystals no longer benefit healing from the Justicar’s Salvation ability.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 19th NOVEMBER 2014

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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2 Comments on “RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #7”

  1. Takame
    November 19, 2014 at 3:26 pm #

    Guardian’s Flares work again? Sweet! It’s time to show the plane of water which faction takes the more proactive approach! The maps will be painted with Guardian invasion forces!

    Oh, and fixes to mentoring.

  2. Luko
    November 20, 2014 at 5:49 am #

    Anyone nows what’s about the “3 Bases/400 Shield” (300 hit weapon)Events ? Hoped they come back tis week :(.

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