Unicornalia Promo Week is back!

Unicornalia Promo Week Feature Image

Unicornalia Promo Week has begun again!

This Promo Week will last from 3:30PM ST on 20th November 2014 until 3:30PM ST on 27th November 2014 providing you with quests that reward Sparkle Essence currency required to eventually purchase an Opal Unicorn Mount from a PRI Quartermaster. There is also a rare chance of getting an Onyx Unicorn Mount from Sparkle Troves.

I’ve updated the Unicornalia Promo Week guide so if you need help finding your way around the quests/Promo Week, check it out here:

Nothing has changed other than the fact that there’s now a chance at the Cobalt Crabnarok Mount in the Sparkle Trove on top of the Onyx Unicorn Mount and gear/currency drops are scaled to up to 65 (based on your level).

Note: You will not see the Friends of Wyredode quest if you did the quest in previous Unicornalia Promo Weeks.

Note2: There are two new achievements under Promotions that seem to be related to Unicornalia (due to icon and reward), but they are most likely aimed at Temporal Flux Promo Week (due to the quest names). If anyone manages to find the ‘Hover Bike’ quests during this current Unicornalia, I’d love it if you could tell me where you found the quests (if they exist for this promo week)!

[Update: These are probably for a future Promo Week and unrelated to Unicornalia].

New Unicornalia Achievements

Note3: The Limited Edition: Sparkle Trove you get for the “Rainbow in the Dark” achievement found under Achievements -> Promotions for completing all three quests once uses the old Level 60 version of the Limited Edition: Sparkle Trove.

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