Tip: Level 67 Dummies

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With RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #5, Trion had introduced new Level 65/67 dummies to the area in-between the crafting station in Choreburg and Flargle Plaza.

Draumheim Dummies

For those who haven’t checked them out yet, here’s the exact location of the Dummies:

/setwaypoint 5774 5451

They are found in the Draumheim zone around the outer wall of Margle Palace.

Dummies in Draumheim

The small section has Level 65 and 67 Normal, Expert and Raid Practice Dummies for DPS as well as some Level 65 Healing Practice Dummies.

You’ll have to look around a bit to find them all. For example the large AoE dummies (8x grouped-up dummies) are off to the corner behind the stairs leading up to the crafting station.

Dummy Foundry – Master Mode

If you have issues with FPS, animation lag or want to parse with raid buffs, the Master Mode version of Dummy Foundry on the Public Test Shard client has been given updated dummies.

If you’re interested in accessing the Dummy Foundry, just hop on the PTS, adjust your dungeon difficulty to ‘Master’ by right-clicking your portrait and click on the bear trap near Sanctum, Meridian or Tempest Bay porticulums.

Further information about accessing the Public Test Shard and the Dummy Foundry can be found here.

Check out the class guides section on the RIFT Forums for all your Class spec/rotations information!

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