Black Friday Invasion – Discounts for RIFT

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Trion is holding a RIFT Black Friday Sale from November 27th until December 1st 2014. The sale includes 50% off discounts on classic Collector’s Editions, account boosters as well as the Nightmare Tide Typhoon Collector’s Edition which will temporarily be available on the RIFT Store for 4,500 Credits.

Classic Collector’s Editions

You can check out the different classic CEs to get an idea of what each offers if you are interested in them here. Examples:

  • The Collector’s Pack gives 30-day patron and unlocks 4 additional character slots per shard and 2 additional bag slots per character*. Also gives a Tartagon Mount, 24-slot Bag and a Bogling Wastrel companion pet. Usually costs $40 but with the 50% discount it will only cost $20.
  • The Laethys’ Fortune Pack for instance contains 90-day patron, the usual +4 char slots/+2 bag slots that all classic CEs contain, a few mounts and pets, personal banker, Extended Hair Style/Skin Color/Hair Color Sets and both the Storm Legion Soul Pack and Dream Soul Pack that unlock 8 more souls. This usually costs $150 but with the 50% discount it will only cost $75.

*As Trion has noted, “Additional Character and Bag Slots are only applied to accounts that have not purchased a boxed or digital copy of RIFT in the past. If you have already received these benefits for purchasing RIFT, these benefits will not stack”.

Nightmare Tide Typhoon Collector’s Edition

Nightmare Tide Digital Edition Feature Image

As datamined before, you can purchase the Typhoon Edition of the Nightmare Tide Digital Edition Packs on the RIFT Store temporarily from 27th Nov until 1st December 2014. These are found on the RIFT Store in-game (default key “]“) -> Services category.

This pack costs 4,500 Credits. I assume this is the normal price and Patrons might get a 10% discount on it, bringing it down to 4,050 Credits. It will be interesting to see if this is giftable so that ‘Gifters’ in-game could potentially make the pack even cheaper for you.

The Typhoon Edition provides the following benefits:

  • Earring Slot Unlock;
  • Planewalker: Water Attunement Unlock (allowing you to equip gear that has the Planewalker: Water Attunement restriction);
  • Manugo League Membership (gives you more Manugo rep whenever you earn it);
  • Nightmare Tide Bag Slot – Extra Bag Slot only accessible via a digital edition pack;
  • “The Typhoon” title.

This would allow you to skip the 100k Void Stone cost for both the Earring slot and Planewalker: Water Attunement unlock, saving your Void Stones for gear.

Full info on the Typhoon Edition can be found here.

In-Game Character/Bag Unlocks

In-game character slot and bag slot unlocks will also be given a 50% discount. These use Credits and can be found under RIFT Store -> Services.

Expect REX prices to increase rapidly during this 5-day period.

[Source: RIFT: Black Friday Invasion]

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