Notice: Nightmare Rift Weekly

General Nightmare Rift Feature Image

Just a quick notice that there’s a Nightmare Rift Weekly that is unlocked when you complete the Nightmare Rift story chain. Gives rewards similar to other weeklies in the Plane of Water.


Location Goboro Reef Nightmare Rift Scholar NPCs

Location Goboro Reef Nightmare Rift Scholar NPCs

You can find the Nightmare Rift story quests from the various Nightmare Scholars at Ghar Station Mem in Goboro Reef or Flargle Plaza in Draumheim.

The quest chain involves objectives that will take you to various zones, including Tempest Bay and you will end up opening a few quest-specific rifts.

If you can’t see any NPCs giving you the story quest, check your quest log (default key “l“) and go to the ‘Rift’ quest category where all the Nightmare Rift-related quests are located.

Weekly Nightmare Rift Quest

Cerebral Catharsis Nightmare Rift Weekly

Cerebral Catharsis Nightmare Rift Weekly

The Nightmare Rift Weekly is called ‘Cerebral Catharsis’ and involves killing 20 bosses in Nightmare Rifts. Rewards 500 Abyssal Crusader’s Marks, 100 Fragments of Horror and 2,500 Void Stones. Also gives some XP, PA XP, plat and 250 The Ghar notoriety.

You pick up the quest from Jandal Aykaus <Nightmare VII Scholar> after completing the Nightmare Rift story quests.

20 boss kills is pretty easy to get if you’re pushing your Nightmare: Master achievements. Hopefully this makes it easier for you guys to reach your weekly caps for those struggling to do so each week.

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