Tip: Searching for Artifacts you can Use

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Quick Tip today:

Have you been searching through the auction house for artifacts based on lowest price and looking through pages of listings just to find a handful that you need?

You can click on an artifact you don’t have in your Artifact tab (via character window (default key “c“) -> Artifacts) whilst the Auction House window is open to search for that specific artifact. However, maybe you just want to fill out as many missing artifacts as possible at the cheapest price.

Auction House Usable Only

In that case, the Auction House has a handy filter, “Usable Only” that will do just that. Just have that filter ticked at the top of the Auction House window when you search in the Artifacts category. This will allow you to only view artifacts you haven’t collected already.

Additional Tip: Use the ‘Rarity’ filter if you’re trying to get some bargains on those higher-rarity artifacts that usually line up your almost-complete artifact sets!


Note: You may experience a decent amount of AH lag since every time you buy something the AH refreshes/re-searches the auction house for all listings of artifacts you haven’t collected.

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