Rixty Mystery Code Offer [Nov 27-Dec 31]

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From November 27th until December 31st, Rixty is holding a promotion each time you spend using Rixty, you will get a ‘Mystery Code‘ with a random prize of either Rixty Reward points, Rixty Code or a chance at instant prizes from a variety of games.

One of the prizes includes a RIFT Spectral Supply Crate. Others include Credit Packs for ArcheAge, Corporate Espionage Lockbox for Defiance and various currency, skins and lockboxes in other games.

Rixty is an online payment option where you top up your account through various outlets like MOLPoints, OneCard or Western Union and then use Rixty to pay for various online services. RIFT allows you to pay for items via Rixty.

You can check out full details of the promo here.

Note: This offer isn’t as good as their previous offers where you could get a guaranteed box for spending $20 on the RIFT Store using Rixty as your payment option – but if you’re going to be spending money in online services/games that allow Rixty, whatever you get from your Mystery Code is probably still a nice bonus.

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