New RIFT Game Director – Archonix

Archonix Feature Image

[IMG Src: Trion Worlds] [Banner guy spelt Archonix’ name wrong :P]

Trion Worlds has announced that Christopher “Archonix” Junior has been promoted to the position of RIFT Game Director. Congratulations to Archonix!


Archonix was previously a Senior Systems Designer for RIFT, appearing on the forums to answer questions on new features fairly often and even appearing on livestreams. He’s been with RIFT for 5+ years and has been working on MMOs for almost a decade. Just a tidbit – he’s the guy who named the Crabnarok mount and the Chloromancer Mage soul.

As the RIFT Game Director, Archonix will “be working with the team and coordinating the day-to-day running of RIFT, interfacing with the player base, and acting on all of the feedback that gets sent in”. [r]

For those wondering, Bill “Daglar” Fisher will remain Executive Producer of RIFT.

The Future

The article announcing Archonix as the new RIFT Game Director also included a sneak teaser of some short-term additions coming to the game:

  • Fae Yule World Event starts next week.
  • Some time after New Year, RIFT 3.1: “Storm at Sea” will be released. It includes Tyrant’s Throne, a “lost island of the dreaming sea”. This includes:
    • New quests.
    • Extension of Tier 1 raiding into a new raid, “Tyrant’s Forge”.
    • New zone events.
    • New Chronicle.
    • New Raid Rift.
  • Minions are getting improvements like ‘shuffling’ adventures and boost/refill stamina pots.
  • New Hidden Minion will be coming out in Tyrant’s Throne (the island).

You can check out the full article here.

Congratulations to Archonix on the promotion and I look forward to seeing how he shapes RIFT in the future!

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One Comment on “New RIFT Game Director – Archonix”

  1. Takame
    December 4, 2014 at 4:34 pm #

    Congratulations to Archonix. 🙂

    “Storm at Sea”, huh? That reminds me of a certain someone…

    Coincidentally, I wonder how Ghar Station Prime is doing?

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