State of Crafting in 3.0 – Upcoming Changes + Suggestions

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Senior Game Designer Noah “Morticus” Holmes has made a ‘State of Crafting’ post on the RIFT Forums today where he goes over some crafting additions he is working on. He is also looking for feedback/suggestions to improve crafting.

Have some ideas to improve crafting? Check out his thread here and make a suggestion!

Briefly, here’s what Morticus is currently working on as per his post:

  • More ways to remove raw crafting materials from the economy, and add to their value
  • More things to buy with Crafting marks, especially for Apothecaries
  • A new bag for Outfitters to Craft
  • New Earring recipes for Artificers
  • Bringing back the fun fishing derbies and adding them to Nightmare Tide
  • (Possibly) Consolidate rune upgrade recipes [r]

Hopefully this means raw materials will increase in value – I can see players picking up a ton of Nightmare Tide Outfitter mats (butchering/cloth) to prepare for the onslaught of players demanding the higher-slot crafted bag and stuff like Recut Thalasite Crystal will probably increase in price (depending on how good the new Earring recipes are).

If you have any suggestions for recipes, craft progression, material use or anything else relating to crafting, check out Morticus’ thread here and let him know!

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3 Comments on “State of Crafting in 3.0 – Upcoming Changes + Suggestions”

  1. gizmovision
    December 9, 2014 at 6:20 pm #

    dimensional items all classes, fishing/survival gear, bag is good should have been in initial release of expansion.earrings should have been added along the entire Artificers’ line from level 0 and up. Along with capes for all crafters in the last expansion…. Crafting felt 1/2 baked and it was.

    • December 9, 2014 at 6:45 pm #

      Crafting has definitely been messed up, especially, this time round. As a poster mentioned in the thread, one node per gathering profession is a lot easier to manage, but that also means lower prices because if it is easy for you, it’s easy for everyone else.

      Minions also place a significant amount of downward pressure on prices. I rarely farm these days and can’t remember the last time I’ve crafted items to salvage for salvage mats because I get everything from minions.

      Hope some of the stuff in the thread gets implemented or at least looked at – there’s quite a lot of good suggestions already.

  2. Bob
    December 10, 2014 at 5:07 am #

    Get less mats from minons? That’s about all they’re good for. My rep with NT factions is maxed. Rep missions are now pointless, as are the minions (I don’t care if I get Bearclaw Trapper rep!!). Couldn’t care less if I ever get another dim item or artifact, so what’s left? Mats. Nerf that too, and minions are pretty much totally worthless, driving down their prices on AH.

    Second, all the hardcore players already have all the stuff outside of raids. Making mats harder to get just hurts the little guys, makes it harder for them to get ahead, widening the gap between them and the hardcore players.

    This was broken to begin with, and your “fix” is only going to break things more. Just leave it alone.

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