RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #9

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Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #9 as at 7:30AM PDT on 10th December 2014 (NA) and 2:00AM GMT on 11th December 2014 (EU). 334mb patch.


  • Fae Yule World Event is Back. Starts on Thursday Dec 11th at 3:30PM Server Time. You can find an updated 2014 guide here. There’s a new ‘Faelight Sparkle’ weekly in Flargle Plaza in Draumheim. Check out full info on location and how to get the Faelight Sparkles here.
  • Conquest returns for Level 65. Access it via the Conquest tab in your PvP window (default key “k”). Don’t forget to pick up the two Conquest-related weeklies in Flargle Plaza in Draumheim. The Conquest Chest rewards 65 currency as well as rare chance at Heart of the Frozen (Tier 1 raid upgrade piece; also used to upgrade high-end essences).
  • Underwater Mount Training Added. Now in RIFT Store -> Services for 1,500 Credits (1,350 for Patrons). Turns your Land Mount into an Amphibious Mount so it can be used in water. Check the tooltip for which mounts it applies to.
  • Weekly Patron Currency Cap. Patrons have higher weekly cap:
    • Void Stones – 42,000 vs 35,000;
    • Abyssal Crusader’s Marks – 15,000 vs 12,500;
    • Fragments of Horror – 5,400 vs 4,500.
  • Various Class Changes/fixes for Clerics, Mages, Rogues and Warriors.
  • Sourcestone Change. Inscribed, Corrupted, Cursed and Vile Sourcestones are now just Sourcestones with appropriate conversions for non-Inscribed in a future update.
  • IA Rewards. Various rare rewards (like mounts) now appear in Instant Adventure Caches from every zone instead of zone-specific drops like they used to.
  • Nightmare Rifts. A whole bunch of stuff previously mentioned in News Tidbits are now up including some fixes, NMR tooltips on map listing rank/stage; more Planarite from NMRs; Reduced price of Lure: Nightmare V Instance Duo.
  • Sea of Ladon Raid Rift adjustments and fixes.
  • Expert Dungeon Changes. Trash mobs hit 20% less; Bosses auto attack less frequently (it’s actually a hard-hitting ‘ability’) and a few bug fixes to various dungeons.
  • PvP and Warfront Changes.
    • Guild Quests adjusted to level 65.
    • Weekend Port Scion should now count towards Level 65 Guns for Hire weekly.
    • Adjusted effectiveness of Dodge (no info on actual amount).
    • Increased healing penalty for PvP at Level 65 from 75% to 77.5%.
    • Old PvP currencies have been converted to platinum at a 1 Platinum per 100 Marks conversion rate.
    • Every 100 Kills in Conquest earns you 1 Void Stone. This will be bumped to 10 Void Stones next week.
RIFT 3.0 Hot Fix #9 – 12/10/14

Fae Yule is Back in Telara!
Seek out Stuttk Fyrirthig in Flargle Plaza and pick up a new weekly quest Faelight Sparkle for some amazing rewards!

Conquest Returns for Level 65!
Both Conquest: Stillmoor and Conquest: Steppes of Infinity are making their triumphant return! They now award level 65 appropriate currencies, as well as a very rare chance at a Heart of the Frozen. The first match will occur later today– keep your eyes peeled for the notice!

* Players will now retain the water surface high jump ability granted in the Plane of Water while dead.
* Tidal Aura in the Plane of Water now applies to dead players.
* Some rewards given out via the Minion system have been brought in line with the intended payouts.
* Unsocketing bind-on-equip planar essences now gives back a soulbound planar essence instead of another bind-on-equip one.
* Improved how the in-game mail spam filter works.

* Underwater Mount Training is now available for purchase in the RIFT store!
* New Patron Perk: Increased Weekly Cap!
– Patrons now have a higher weekly cap on currencies. Non-Patron caps remain unchanged.
* The Weekly Patron Currency Cap is now:
– Raid: 5,400
– World: 42,000
– Expert: 15,000
* The Weekly Non-Patron Currency Cap remains:
– Raid: 4,500
– World: 35,000
– Expert: 12,500



* Ward of Flame: Updated the animation.


* Final Breath: Updated the description to help clarify how the Mastery works.

* Soothing Waters: Now heals for 7.5% of Maximum Health at 100 Charge consumed.

* Updated the stacking priority of Archon Auras. They should no longer be overwritten by weaker or equivalent buffs.

* Boon of Life: Stacks now also affect Healing Torrent.
* Natural Conversion: No longer affected by the global cooldown.
* Living Shell: Reduced the cooldown of Living Shell to 30s. It no longer restores mana and is not affected by the global cooldown.

* Contaminate: Fixed an bug causing this ability to reduce the Charge cost of the Dominator’s Lightning Wall to 0.


* Energy Manipulation: Can no longer miss.

* Debilitating Dart: Can now be applied to the same mob by multiple Assassins.

* Necrotic Core: No longer interrupt actions after the first damage tick.

* Life Insurance: Can now only target players.


* Power Manipulation: Can no longer miss.

* Lower level zone events should now award Notoriety Tokens to level 61+ players if they mentor down to the appropriate level for the zone event.
* Inscribed Sourcestone is now just called Sourcestone.
* Anything that previously awarded Corrupted, Cursed, or Vile Sourcestone now awards Sourcestone.
– An upcoming update will convert these currently held lower tier currencies to Sourcestone.
* Rare Planar Good gear costs have been revised to focus on the unified Sourcestone currency.
* Instant Adventures should reward much more consistently appropriate to the players level.
* Various rare rewards now sometimes appear in the Instant Adventure caches from every zone.

* Nightmare Rift tooltips on the map now list their tier and stage.
* Potentially fixed an issue that would occasionally cause Nightmare Rifts to not to hand out caches–an especially notable occurrence on stage 20.
* Players should no longer be teleported by Nightmare Rifts that have already closed.
* Nightmare rifts now rewards much more Planarite.
* Kills within the Nightmare Training Shoal instance no longer update the Nightmare I: Waking Terror daily quest.
* Reduced the price for Lure: Nightmare V Instance Duo.

* Sea of Ladon Raid Rift:
– Reduced the range of the Shockbite’s Death Stare to 15 meters.
– Arcane and Electro Shields no longer block line of sight.
– New VFX for The Slibberjacks’ Nexus Dart and Quogon’s Nexus Demise.
– Removed the Slibberjack from Stage 3.
– Increased the Shockbite’s HP.
– Reduced the HP of the other bosses.
* Quest: Captive Breeding: The Coastal Sharks are now actually sharks.

* Quest: Secrets of the Leviathan: Fixed an issue that would cause Kivankor to teleport players to nightmare rifts.

* The Bloodfire Stronghold instance will no longer show up in the Looking for Group dungeon list.
* Reduced the difficulty of expert dungeons. Trash now hits for 20% less, and bosses auto attack less frequently, reducing the tank healing requirements.

* Fixed a bug causing Skylla to let down Lord Arak more than usual, and let the ascended just waltz past him.

* Fixed a bug that could let players skip Hound Master Kytus.

* Arc is no longer super effective on Manifesting Darkness. It is now just effective.

* Fixed a bug causing the Three Kings were giving their death buffs to lowly minions.

* Rage of Storms bubbles will no longer path out towards the docks.
Ungolok: Fixed an issue allowing one Bloat Gump to absorb damage from two Pressure Bursts.
o Finric: Rage of Storms bubbles will no longer path into Absorption Vats.

* Guild Quest: Battles Old and New: These quests have been adjusted to the new level 65 level cap.
* The weekend warfront version of level 65 Port Scion now properly points to level 65, rather than level 60.
* Adjusted the effectiveness of Dodge in PvP.
* Increased the healing penalty for PVP at level 65 to 77.5%, up from 75%.
* The following old PVP curenncies have been converted to Platinum, at a rate of 1 Platinum per 100 Marks:
– Freelancer’s Mark
– Warlord’s Mark
– Mark of Conquest
– Myrmidon’s Mark
– Warlord’s Mark of Conquest
* Conquest: Every 100 kills made in conquest earns you 1 Void Stone.
– Note: Next week, this will be bumped to 10 Void Stones.

* Increased healing for Fish Sausage.
* Fixed the upgrade on Monk’s Pyrestone essence.
* Fixed an issue with the appearance for Dreambreaker and Ephemeral Chestguards.

* Added new sound to Lamb critters.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 10th DECEMBER 2014

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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2 Comments on “RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #9”

  1. GrifterFaxir
    December 10, 2014 at 6:51 pm #

    Anyone know if you still can get Bag of Innumerable Pockets now when warlord marks are gone to plat?

    • December 10, 2014 at 7:42 pm #

      Yep, it only costs 16,200 ESM now.

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