RIFT Live Datamining for 10th December 2014

LIVE Datamining 10th Dec 2014 Feature Image

Below you can find interesting datamined files yet to appear on Live, datamined from the Live client for RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #9.


  • Hover Bike Mount
  • Fire Thresher Mount
  • Fae Yule Stuff

As always, everything below is subject to change and even though these were datamined from the Live client, they might end up not appearing (or appearing months later).

Hover Bike Mount

In the previous hotfix, the Live client had Hover Bike mount achievements related to a new Promo Week. CM Ocho even confirmed such a Promo Week existed. There was speculation on a previous datamined file on the PTS being the hover bike skin.

Now we’re getting a little closer and fleshing the mount out. RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #9 added a few interesting files to the Live client relating to the Hover Bike.

Hover Bike Mount Rig

Hover Bike Mount Rig

Finally, a new mount rig! “mount_bike/rig/mount_bike.ma”. The rig looks rather strange, but you can sort of imagine it with the left ‘fan’ as the ‘tail’ and the front area with handle.

Possible Hover Bike Mount Skin Dec 2014

Possible Hover Bike Mount Skin Dec 2014

To help visualise it, the above image seems to be the skin for this particular hover bike mount. Metallic and golden with some blue parts that seem to be ‘eyes’ or perhaps where sourcestone goes to power the engine.

You can see the orange seat in the bottom-left hand corner.

Hoverbike Mount Icon

There’s also this icon which is clearly what the skin is for and is almost certainly for the hover bike mount. The icon clearly cuts out the back section that you see in the rig.

Oddly the front almost looks like a baby/highly-stylized cartoon skull. Hopefully that’s just due to the angle or size of the icon.

Fire Thresher Mount

No clue what it will actually end up being called, but there’s clearly a Fire Thresher Mount coming to RIFT at some point in the future.

Fire Thresher Mount Skin Reins

Fire Thresher Mount Skin Reins

Now you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, you’ve already datamined the Fire Thresher skin before, right?” and you are correct! However, that skin didn’t have the reins/saddle as part of the skin and was aimed at the fire shark mobs above Draumheim.

See that black ‘leather strap’ both at the top and middle of the skin? Those are the reins, and the thing in the bottom-right corner is the saddle. It matches the Cobalt Thresher mount’s designs:

Cobalt Thresher Mount Sample

Cobalt Thresher Mount

And here’s an icon:

Fire Thresher Mount Icon

Notice the leather straps on the Thresher in the above icon. Look forward to a Fire Thresher Mount coming your way (at some point in time)!

Fae Yule Stuff

Just posting some Fae Yule stuff that may not be readily visible on the RIFT Store.

Fae Yule Portraits 2014

Fae Yule Portraits 2014

Here’s the two Fae Yule portraits that you can get this year.

The top ‘giftbox’ portrait comes from the 2014 Fae Yule Minion Adventure Pack that you can get from the RIFT Store -> World Event for 950 Unique Snowflakes and 30 Dark Icicles or 1,350 Credits (1,215 for Patrons).

The bottom ‘wreath’ portrait is the Animated Holiday Portrait that you can get on the RIFT Store -> World Event for 525 Credits (472 for Patrons). As the name suggests, it is animated. Snowmen appear in three sections of your stats bar.

Fae Yule Merry Mink Weasel Rig

Fae Yule Merry Mink Weasel Rig

The Merry Mink mount can be obtained from the RIFT Store -> World Event as a rare drop from the Limited Edition: Merry Mink Trove. It’s a weasel that uses the squirrel mount rig.

It will be interesting to see if there’s any other weasal/mink mounts appearing in the future.

More hoverbike mount information and some fire thresher mount skin and icon to boot. Still no PTS update since 5th Nov 2014, but there’s certainly some things to look forward to.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining of the PTS and (in the future) Live clients.

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