RIFT News Tidbits 11th December 2014

Fae Yule Grandfather Frost Feature Image

RIFT news tidbits for 11th December 2014. Check out all the info below:

Fae Yule World Event

The Fae Yule World Event started on 11th Dec and will end on 8th January at 3:30PM Server Time.

News related to Fae Yule

  • Loot from Faelight Sparkle Calling-specific. The loot rewarded from the Faelight Sparkle weekly quest will be calling-specific. [r]
  • Level 65 Necklace Next Week. Next week’s hotfix will add Level 65 Necklaces to the RIFT Store -> World Event. Keep some of your event currency ready! [r]
    Fae Yule Level 65 Necks 2[r]
  • Level 65 Hat. Last year the RIFT Store had Santa Hats with stats for various levels. CM Ocho has stated that he’ll take a look at adding the hats in. Might also add a Level 65 hat. [r]
  • Gift of Giving Achievement Issue. The Gift of Giving Achievement is not being rewarded. Archonix has stated that this achievement was only supposed to be available for Fae Yule 2013 and the achievement is supposed to be moved to Legacy. [r]
  • Fae Yule Loot Bonus. You can get a Fae Yule Loot Bonus from the last boss of each Level 65 Expert Dungeon. There is no loot bonus for Raids this year. [r]

About 2014 Fae Yule Minion Adventure Pack

  • There’s approximately 17x special Fae Yule Minion Adventures with the 18th one unlocked when you complete the other 17. The 18th one is a 1min adventure that rewards Unique Snowflakes.
  • These Fae Yule Minion Adventures are ‘story’ adventures and will appear one by one until you complete them. They have a 99x higher chance of being active in the first three of your adventure decks compared to normal adventures. [r] Only the 18th adventure will remain.
  • Completing the ‘story’ adventures will get you the other 5 Fae Yule Minion cards one by one.
  • The Fae Yule Minion Adventures are separate from the 10hr Fae Yule Promo Adventures (which are still disabled). You don’t need the Pack to see the 10hr Promos.

About Faelight Sparkle Weekly Quest

The Faelight Sparkle Weekly rewards a random piece of raid gear. It’s a weekly, but you can keep doing the quest until the end of Fae Yule at 3:30PM ST on January 8th 2014. A few important information has been added in about the quest:

  • It is indeed a weekly. So, if you really grind it out you can get a piece of raid gear each week during Fae Yule. [r]
  • Next week payouts are changing. Randoms with Charges will reward 6 Faelight Sparkles; Randoms without Charges will reward 4 sparkles; and activities such as Zone Events that currently give 1 sparkle will give 4. [r]
  • Sparkle Dailies. Trion is also looking at possibly adding sparkles to some dailies. [r]

Golden Devourer Open Raid Boss

Know where the Golden Devourer Open Raid Boss mentioned in Trion’s Fae Yule article is located and how to summon him? What does he reward? I’d love it if you could leave a comment below with any information you might have.

Note: It is not Senbora the Devourer. Tried summoning but it only summoned Senbora the Devourer and not the Golden Devourer.


  • RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #10. This week had a second hotfix to address some issues brought up with Hotfix #9. Fae Yule Portait Fix, Minions Bug fix and Rogue Planar Replenishment fix. Check out details here. EU received the update alongside Hotfix #9.
  • RIFT Live Datamining for 10th December 2014. Datamining from Hotfix #9 reveals new Hover Bike Mount skin, rig and icon as well as a Fire Thresher Mount skin and icon. The files give a better idea of what the Hover Bike looks like. Check it out here!
  • Minions Info:
    • Snedhepl Explains Mat Reduction. Although the severe reduction in craft mats from minions was hotfixed, a reduction was still intended. Snedhepl explains the reasoning for the reduction as well as how the initial bug occured here. Hunting, Assassination and Harvesting rewards will be increased (but not as much as prior to this week’s hotfix). [r]
    • Artifact Adventure Bug. High-star 8hr and 10hr Artifact adventures are not rewarding artifacts properly. Avoid them until a fix comes in if you can. [r] Snedhepl also noticed that 15min Artifact Adventures were rewarding too much. A revamp of rewards will be done to reduce 15m and fix/rebalance 8hr/10hr ones.
    • Minion Card Database. The database has been updated with all the remaining Fae Yule minions – Atrophinius, Slobberjaw, Ivory, Yulogon and Greatfather Frost. You can check out the database here.
    • Minion Card: Greatfather Frost. Greatfather Frost gives 4 attributes – Life, Diplomacy, Harvesting and Artifact. It is gained as part of the 2014 Fae Yule Minion Adventure Pack by completing Fae Yule adventures unlocked with the Pack.

Minion Card Greatfather Frost

(Thanks to Matthieux and Sinabun for the information on the Fae Yule minions!)

  • PvP Suggestions. Got suggestions for PvP? CM Ocho wants to hear your thoughts (minus re-instated PvP gear). Check out his post here.
  • Misc. Info:
    • Merry Mink Tooltip Bug. Currently the Merry Mink shows that it is a 60% mount when you consume it. This is a bug. It’s a 155% mount. Will be fixed next week. [r]
    • ‘Corruption’s Nerve’ Fix. Next week the ‘Corruption’s Nerve’ 2-handed Mage staff will have its upgrade path fixed. Will look like the below tooltip: [r]
      Corruption's Nerve Mage Item

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