Snedhepl posts State of the Minunion

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Senior Gameplay Engineer and Minion Overlord “Snedhepl” has posted up a “State of the Minunion” where he goes over the changes to the Minion System coming with this week’s hotfix.

You can check out his full post here.


  • Yulogon, Ivory and Atrophinius minion cards gained from the 2014 Fae Yule Minion Adventure Pack will be getting improvements. All three will have increased stamina (starting value of 12; maxing at 30).
  • Yulogen will get a 3rd attribute – Assassination. (His attributes remain at a value of 1 until he is maxed. This is intended.)
  • Fae Yule 10hr Promo Adventures will be re-enabled with this week’s hotfix.
  • Harvesting, Assassination (minion exp) and Hunting adventure rewards have been improved.
  • Artifact rewards have been adjusted. 15min gives out less artifacts but overall quality at higher-star ratings will be better.

Servers will go down for RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #11 at 7:30AM PST on 17th Dec 2014 (for NA) and 11PM GMT on 17th Dec 2014 (for EU). EU includes server maintenance and will be down for approx. 3hrs whilst NA will only have the update and last approx. 1hr.

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