RIFT News Tidbits 17th December 2014

Fae Yule Grandfather Frost Feature Image

RIFT news tidbits for 17th December 2014. Check out all the info below:

Fae Yule World Event

The Fae Yule World Event started on 11th Dec and will end on 8th January at 3:30PM Server Time.

News related to Fae Yule

  • Summoning the Golden Devourer. The method to summon The Golden Devourer is out – hit up the cave behind the 1st boss of Expert Nightmare Coast. Full details here. (Thanks to Tahrin for the info!)
  • Lumps of Coal Turn-in Disabled. The Lumps of Coal turn-in was originally fixed to reward Unique Snowflakes and/or Fae Yule food with this week’s hotfix. Unfortunately it didn’t consume any Lumps of Coal on turn-in. It has since been disabled until a fix can come in. [r]


  • Event: Dev-slaying this Friday! CM Ocho has announced that various devs will be in Conquest on Friday, Dec 19th 2014! Get your ‘Mutineer’ prefix title. Times as follows:
    • For EU: Starts at 7pm GMT on the EU shards. (TC)(CD)
    • For NA: Starts at 3pm PST on the NA shards. (TC)(CD)
    • According to DEV_SupermanSocks, participating in the event should be enough to get the prefix title. [r]
  • RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #11. New hotfix out with a ton of Fae Yule-related changes, new 65 Fae Yule Necklace + upgraded 65 Fae Yule Essences; Faelight Sparkles payout changes; 10hr Fae Yule Promo Adventures back up; various Class Changes + Typhoon Edition up on RIFT Store for Credits again! Check out Patch Notes here.
  • Minions Info:

    • Text Bugs. There’s currently a few text bugs making the rounds since the most recent hotfix. One shows negative stamina for minions and another shows 6-star ratings on all adventures. Snedhepl is investigating both. [r] [r]
    • Minion Adventure Achievement Bug. New Minion adventure achievement was added pushing the highest ‘adventures completed’ total to 10k. Unfortunately there’s a bug right now where it only displays 1/10,000. Rest assured Snedhepl has stated that this will be fixed in the next hotfix and any progress you have will be saved. [r] More achievements to come. [r]
  • Tacitus Explains Bug-Reporting. Tacitus has explained that for time-critical, active exploits, you should PM a dev/s on the forums because internal reports of in-game bug reports are created at the end of each night. Also, for bug reports you should provide as much information as possible. [r]
  • Rift Loot Bag Intentions. Tacitus has confirmed that if Trion ever decides to look into fixing the Rift Loot Bag, it will most likely be to make players auto-loot the bag when they open it. It is not meant to be another inventory slot. [r] This was in response to a player asking that the bag be fixed so it does not loot everything sometimes, so this may not indicate any changes happening soon.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Whispering Pines Dimension. Nixea@Wolfsbane has created a stunning log cabin out in the woods of Kestrel’s Cry Ravine called “Whispering Pines”. Check out screenshots of this amazing cabin here!

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