Livestream Summary: 19th December 2014

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Trion had their 19th December 2014 Friday Livestream where they talked about Nightmare Tide, recent events and some 3.1 tidbits.

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Trion had their 19th December 2014 Friday Livestream with Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman, Team Designer Chris “Tacitus”, Executive Producer Bill “Daglar” Fisher and Senior Gameplay Engineer Dan “Snedhepl”.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to any content mentioned in the livestream hitting Live.

General Info & Fae Yule

  • Been approx. 2 months since Nightmare Tide Launch.
  • With this year’s Fae Yule they added in some new items and the Nightmare Tide quests. [Guide].
  • Hearth (Lump of Coal Turn-in). You can turn in coal again to all areas other than Freemarch which is still disabled.
  • Archonix is now Game Director although Daglar is still the Executive Producer. You can check out an article posted about it earlier this month here.
  • There’s no hotfix this week. Next hotfix will be in the new year.

Faelight Sparkle

  • The Faelight Sparkle quest is supposed to be time-consuming. Trion doesn’t want everyone to just log in and get the gear each week. However those dedicated can get one a week since it is a weekly quest.
  • There’s a 50/50 distribution between tank and dps/heal gear. This issue was found out after the quest was added to Live.
  • Trion prefers a 25/75 distribution in general, but unfortunately are unable to fix the distribution for this Fae Yule as there’s no hotfix this week.
  • If they add anything like the Faelight Sparkle in the future, it will not be a pick-your-item type deal. There will still be rng.

RIFT 3.1: Storm at Sea

Brief info was provided:

  • 3.1 will come out “hopefully some time in January” – Daglar.
  • Expect more class balance in 3.1 since right now a lot of staff are on holidays.
  • Possible increased Planar Attunement for 3.1. Not 100% sure, but Dalgar stated “I don’t know the answer to that, but I feel like the answer might be yes. I feel like it might be yes”.

Current information on 3.1 includes that there will be a new island called “Tyrant’s Throne” and a new Tier 1 raid called “Tyrant’s Forge”. There will also be a new chronicle and minion shuffling + other minion improvements. [r]

Minions for 3.1

Shuffling Mechanic

  • Each adventure deck will have a shuffle button.
  • Pay Aventurine or Credits to shuffle.
  • Shuffling will put the shuffled card on cooldown so it won’t appear again in the adventure deck for some time.
  • Aventurine price will eventually go up as you use the shuffling more and more within a single day to encourage players to not keep using the shuffling mechanic over and over in a single day. The cost will reset daily.

Minions on Mobile App

  • “On our long-term goals” – Daglar.
  • They have an engineer working on the mobile app in general, but this will be a long-term goal as it will take quite a bit of time if they can even bring it in.

About Payout Changes

Snedhepl explains that Trion wanted to reduce the payout for minions due to their effect on the game but accidentally overshot the initial reduction. This was quickly hotfixed with a quick band-aid that they had 2hrs to work on. Afterwards, for the next 3 days they adjusted the loot tables some more (approx. 60+ loot tables to go through) and released a properly revised loot table/payout for RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #11.

Snedhepl is still watching for feedback and seeing how the change in payouts is affecting the game.

Artifact Loot Table

A rework of the artifact loot table was made recently, but unfortunately it made 15min adventures pay out too much so they knocked it back down a notch.

  • Long/Promo adventures were given a boost with a higher chance at higher-rarity artifacts.
  • Right now you can occasionally get duplicates of the same artifact – this has been fixed locally and will be ready for Live in the hotfix coming with the new year.

Artifacts Without Sets

  • Premature artifacts made it into the loot table. These do not have sets attached to them yet and are meant for future content.
  • At some point in the new year the new sets will be added in.
  • They ‘might’ remove the artifacts from the minion artifact loot table with the next hotfix but you can still hold onto your existing ones.

Other Minion Information

  • Timers on the various adventure decks will probably remain the same. Still looking at feedback.
  • Hidden Minions. Snedhepl stated he has been working on a secret minion with “an elaborate set of things to do” to get it. [Could potentially be referring to the minion card that is coming with Tyrant’s Throne]. [r]
  • Merging Minions. Snedhepl stated he would like something like ‘merging minions’ and having them provide interesting attributes but “not even close to being in the plans, just crazy dev ideas”.
  • Initially there were 151 minions. There’s more than that now.

Other Info:

  • Underwater Mount Training. “Love to get feedback more from the players on how it’s working” – Daglar. Feedback on pricing, feature/etc.
  • Drop-rate of gear in PvP chest. Archonix is looking into it. Drop rate might be doubled for 3.1. Not 100% sure though. Archonix will be talking more about PvP and PvP gearing in the new year.
  • Getting Devs’ Attention on the Forums. Be polite. Trion doesn’t want to encourage toxic behavior by responding to toxic posts.
  • Codes for Credit Giveaways. When asked whether Trion would provide codes for credit giveaways to livestreamers/etc, Daglar stated that they need to be aware of fraud that comes with doing so (like players giving codes to themselves/friends). He will however take a look at this in the new year.
  • Dimension Items probably won’t be salvageable.
  • Looking at some more stuff for Patron. – Daglar.

Livestream Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • 1x Nightmare Tide Ultimate Edition Pack to 5 lucky livestream viewers!
  • 1x 1 Year Patron Passes to 5 lucky livestream viewers.
  • 1x Voxstar Pack (Trove Game) + Storm Legion Souls to 5 lucky livestream viewers.
  • 1x Current Max Loyalty to 1 lucky livestream viewer.

Also during the Trove livestream that occured after the Rift livestream, they gave away another 1x Current Max Loyalty for RIFT players.

(If you get a character to Level 10 in Trove, you get a Cubic Cape in RIFT).

Congratulations to all the winners! Each winner will be contacted via Twitch private message.

Livestream Summary 19th Dec 2014 Image

(From Left to Right: Scapes, Tacitus, Daglar and Snedhepl)

A long time since the last RIFT livestream and highly likely the last for 2014. A few tidbits of information – hope to see more livestreams in the new year!

Past Livestream Summaries can be accessed here.

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