RIFT Shards Experiencing Issues

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As anyone currently playing on the North American shards has probably realised already, the North American shards have been experiencing on-going issues ever since a crash 1-2pm PST on 29th Dec 2014.

Players are still experiencing a lot of lag going between instances, ability lag and even difficulty moving items from one slot to another. RIFT Store, Auction House and other issues have propped up.

Trion Response

Keeping this part updated with official Trion responses:

[9:26PM PST 12.29.14] – May be fixed now.

[8:50PM PST 12.29.14] – Looks like EU shards crashed.

[4:17PM PST 12.29.14] – Shards are back up!

[3:34PM PST 12.29.14] – CM Kiwibird announces the restart on RIFT Forums:

Hello everyone,

To resolve some stability issues, we are restarting the NA shards. Thank you for your patience.

[Source: CM Kiwibird]

[3:30PM PST 12.29.14] – All NA shards are down.

[3:24PM PST 12.29.14] – Trion announces shards going down for an emergency restart in 5min.

RIFT Emergency Restart


For now, be super careful of looting items or moving stuff around. There seems to be certain errors that can occur, or unconfirmed mini-rollbacks.

i.e. I claimed some Minion adventures and threw a Fae Yule Loot Bonus in my bank before the game crashed on me; re-logged and lost my minion rewards, claimable adventures were gone, and the Fae Yule Loot Bonus was back in my inventory.

Other players have reported missing mail or mail that was still unread even though the item they previously looted was in their inventory.

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