RIFT News Tidbits 30th Dec 2014 – 2nd Jan 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 30th Dec 2014 to 2nd Jan 2015. Check out all the info below:

Fae Yule World Event

The Fae Yule World Event started on 11th Dec and will end on 8th January at 3:30PM Server Time.


  • PTS Update: The PTS has been updated today with an ~2GB patch. Still working on the full article + datamining, but briefly:
    • New zone events including one called ‘Leviathan’;
    • 3 new PA trees (Steam, Dusk, Dust);
    • New Rhen of Fate chronicle;
    • Some Tyrant’s Forge achieves up and a heavily work-in-progress version of the Tyrant’s Throne island is available. You can find the island at (6015, 8799) (thanks to Soulshield for the info!).
    • A few other stuff but I’ll have that ready with the PTS Update article tomorrow.
  • Access to Banks via Dimensions. Gingers has stated that Trion are looking to add “something to allow dimensioneers easy regular access to their banks from within their dimensions”. No details on what this will be [perhaps Banker NPC like Guild Quartermaster NPC?] or when this addition will be made available on Live. [r]
  • Collections-style System. Gingers hinted that there are plans to add a collections-style system for inventory management for a “part of RIFT” and the introduction of this system could help “pave the way for it to be applied to dimensions”. Again, no details or ETA but keep an eye out for what sounds like better inventory management of at least one section of the game. [r]
  • VFX Bugs. Gingers has stated that Trion are aware of VFX issues that can prop up in the game from time to time where certain VFX will randomly appear or disappear. [r]
  • New Dimension Permissions. Although no details yet, Gingers as announced that new dimension permissions (possibly to separate main Friends list with Dimension Friends list for permission purposes) is a work-in-progress. [r]

More UI changes slated for 3.1 will be announced in a blog post on the RIFT website soon.

  • Fix for AP Cleric 1H Mace. With the next hotfix Ekor Ira, Hand of Threngar will have its AP component removed. Additionally, some items from Mount Sharax that did not have a 30min grace period for trading the loot between members of the raid will be fixed as well. [r]
Ekor Ira Hand of Threngar Fix

Cleric 1H AP removed/fixed.

  • Rare Planar Goods in Cities. Tacitus has posted a teaser of the Rare Plane Goods and Adventure Dealer merchants coming to Sanctum and Meridian. The merchants will sell level/class-specific gear that combines the gear that Planar and Rare Planar vendors across Mathosia sell. [r]
Rare Planar Goods

Rare Planar Goods Vendor. Src: Tacitus.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Return to Empyrean Core Guide [Video]. Intim has uploaded a Return to Empyrean Core guide. Check it out here!
  • Rift Reforged Ep 19 [Video]. Missed out on the latest Rift news or the latest series in Uriel’s story? Check out the recording of Rift Reforged Episode 19 podcast here.
  • Hanging Garden of Babylon [Dimension]. Cerulieene@Deepwood has created a wonderful representation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Rift-style. Check screenshots from highlights of the dimension here and be sure to check it out on Deepwood!
  • Delving into Dimensions. Roxim over at RPG Paradise has begun a Dimensions Spotlight series. Check out their first post on getting into touring dimensions here.

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