Notice: Raid Rift Testing on PTS this Thursday 3PM PST

General Nightmare Rift Feature Image

Senior Content Designer Krug has announced that he will be testing out the new raid rift “The Darkest Magic” in Draumheim on the PTS on Thursday 8th January at 3pm PST (TC)(CD).

The Darkest Magic Raid Rift Lure

You can obtain this raid rift lure from the RIFT Store -> Rifts -> Raid Rifts for 125,000 planarite and 250 void stones on the PTS.

Come along to the test if you have 1,000 hit or have prepared before hand with test gear from the master mode version of Dummy Foundry. Details on accessing the PTS and Dummy Foundry can be found here.

Feedback on ‘The Darkest Magic’ raid rift can be sent either directly to krug or via his thread here.

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