RIFT News Tidbits 8th Jan 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 8th Jan 2015. Check out all the info below:


  • Faelight Sparkles Extended. Just a reminder that Faelight Sparkles quest has extended for another week even though Fae Yule World Event has ended. You can get another week of Faelight Sparkles from Flargle Plaza in Draumheim!
  • Change to Petition System. Petitions will now be done via support site rather than in-game. Same place as usual: Mini-menu bar -> Help -> Search Issues/Contact GM/View Petitions. [r] This was also what the second maintenance was about on Thursday. [r]
  • Raid Rift Test. A raid rift test was held for the upcoming “The Darkest Magic” on the PTS today. Feedback can be sent here. Krug has mentioned that he might hold another test next week at approx. 12PM ST on Thursday. [r]
  • Another PTS Update. Another PTS Update today. Very small file changes/additions. I’ll be combining yesterday’s update’s datamining and general update together since not a lot seems to have changed. Keep an eye out for that!
  • Minions-related Info:
    • More Achieves. More achievements will be coming to Minions. One of them ‘most likely’ to come is for the amount of Level 25 Minions you have. However, new achievements won’t come out until after 3.1. [r]
    • No 1min Changes. Snedhepl has stated that Trion has no plans to give 1min adventures rewards or to remove them. [r]
  • PvP-related Info:
    • Ghar Station Eyn. RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #12 has been updated with the Ghar Station Eyn changes – Deadly Numbers reduced to 5 from 11; Carrying a Deadly Number will now increase your damage output by 25%; point requirement decreased from 1,500 to 1,000. [r]
  • Mage Necromancer Changes. Kervik has further fixed issues with Bone Armor and Soul Purge with the current changes on the PTS. Also buffed Soul Purge, Corspe Explosion and Parasite damage. These will be up for testing with the next PTS update. [r]
  • Cleric Flash of Radiance Fix. Kervik is working on a fix so that Flash of Radiance (Sentinel ability) does not bypass abilities that grant immunity or are immune to its debilitate. [r]
  • Rogue-related Info:
    • Unstealthed on Drekanoth Bug. Krug will take a look at issues with Rogue’s getting unstealthed pre-pull on Drekanoth of Fate in The Rhen of Fate 10-man raid. [r]
    • Coda Range. Default range on all Codas now 35m. ETA is next week’s patch. [r]
    • Fleeting Instincts Persist. Fleeting Instincts will now persist. No ETA. [r]
    • Dual-wield Multiplier Fix. Vladd has mentioned that the Warrior issues with their incorrect dual wielding multiplier will also be corrected for Rogues as well. The multiplier should be 1.3 on finishers. [r]
  • Rogue Marksman Changes. A few changes have been on the PTS for a while, but Vladd has posted official changes today and his thoughts on the soul. Goal of changes is to “bring Marksman up to par with the other ranged souls like Pyro, Tempest and Inquisitor”. Ranger will become more the solo-spec. [r]
    • Bull’s Eye: Increases critical hit chance by 25% for 5 seconds.
    • Sentry Battery: Now a 3s ST channel w/ CD.
    • Hasty Departure: Causes On the Double to apply an absorb shield.
    • Deaden: Now a debilitate ability. Not an interrupt then debilitate.
    • Lightning Fury: Now adds 1 combo point.
    • Decoy is being removed.
  • Warrior Fix: Pack Mentality in Beastmaster is not working properly when you switch roles and go back to Beastmaster. This will be fixed in next week’s patch. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Rift Reforged Podcast Ep. 20. Rift Reforged has streamed and recorded their latest episode where they go over the latest RIFT news, stories, activities and more! Check it out here!
  • Are You Scared Yet? [Dimension]. One of many of Soleila@Zaviel’s dimensions, this one has some very interesting morphing in each of the rooms separated accessed via PvP banners. Take a closer look here and be sure to pay attention!

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