State of Dimensions in 3.0 & Beyond

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Senior Game Designer Noah “Morticus” Holmes has made a ‘State of Dimensions’ post on the RIFT Forums today where he goes over what’s coming to Dimensions in 3.1, as well as other currently planned additions. He is also looking for feedback/suggestions to improve dimensions.

Have some ideas to improve or add to dimensions? Check out his thread here and make a suggestion!

Dimensions in 3.1

Briefly, here’s what coming to 3.1 for dimensions:

  • Free Camera Mode – allowing you to fly around your dimension.
  • Dimension Ban List – each of your personal/guild dimensions will have a separate Ban List to prevent certain players from coming into your dimension.
  • Dimension Special List – each of your personal/guild dimensions will have a separate Special List to allow certain players various permissions.
  • Larger +1 button.

Other Plans for Dimensions

A few other things currently planned for dimensions include:

  • An Ambient Dimension Sounds toggle on/off.
  • Incremental Rotation/Scaling/Movement options. Bulk changing included.
  • Item Locking to prevent items from being adjusted. Bulk locking included.
  • Dimension Keys will be stackable.
  • New Raid Boss Practice Dummy.
  • Revelations of Ananke Imp (the imps that say random passages about the lore of NT).

If you have any suggestions for what you want to see added or adjusted in dimensions, check out Morticus’ thread here and let him know!

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