PTS Update 13th January 2015

PTS Update 13th Jan 2015 Feature Image

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) received a large approx. 900MB+ update on the 13th of January with some nice additions on the public side.

Patch version is TEST-301-16-A-973357.

You can find information and screenshots on the various datamined files for this update here. Lord Arak Raid? Archlight Rider Mount Model? Yes please!


  • New Achievements: Tyrant’s Throne, Chronicle: RoF Dimension Items & ‘Morid Finric’.
  • Chronicle: Rhen of Fate.
  • Intrepid Chronicles.
  • Tyrant’s Throne Populated.
  • Dimensions Special/Ban List

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

New Achievements

85 new achievement points have been added in since the last PTS update, bringing the total to 35,087.

Tyrant’s Throne Achievements

Tyrant's Throne Achievements

Tyrant’s Throne Achievements

30 achievement points have been added up to a new section “Tyrant’s Throne” under Zones -> RIFT: Nightmare Tide.

From the achievements, it looks as though Crucia is controlling the Yrlwalach in Tyrant’s Throne. That probably doesn’t bode well for the Ascended – I imagine some new zone events might even combine Water and Air mobs.

Another piece of information gained from the achievements is that there is going to be four new dailies to beef up the Nightmare Tide roster.

Chronicle: RoF Dimension

Chronicle Rhen of Fate Achievements Dimensions

Chronicle: Rhen of Fate Achievements

Four new achievements have appeared for the Chronicle: Rhen of Fate that involve collecting artifacts or finishing multiple achievements in the chronicle.

These achievements reward new dimension items with ‘wandering’ NPCs – NPCs that move around, or are animated.

Chronicle Rhen of Fate Achievement Dimension Items

Chronicle: RoF – Dimension Items

Right now you can go into the Chronicle: Rhen of Fate via the Chronicle window (default key “j“) and click on the four blue orbs right next to the entrance portal inside the chronicle to receive copies of these dimension items for you to test out.

  • ‘Spawnling’ does the usual Deep One animations.
  • ‘Baby Gump’ wanders around a bit in a small area.
  • ‘Scoundrel Guard, Male’ and ‘Scoundrel Guard, Female’ will perform some emotes and stand, salute and sit every now and then.

At present there’s a quite noticeable ‘reflection’ tile surrounding the NPCs, but this should be fixed with the next PTS Update.

Morid Finric

Rhen of Fate Conqueror Minion Card

Rhen of Fate Conqueror Minion Card

Strangely, the Evil Finric minion card that you gain from completing the Rhen of Fate (Raid) Conqueror achievement has changed from “Evil Finric” to “Morid Finric”. The attributes are still the same: Water/Dimension – just a name change.

If you complete this achievement before 3.1 hits, will your ‘Evil Finric’ end up changing into ‘Morid Finric’, or will you end up with one of the only ‘Evil Finric’s in the game? Something to think about if you’re an avid minion collector since we have other limited time cards like the Rough Raptor card that was only obtainable during Extra Life 2014.

Chronicle: Rhen of Fate

Chronicle Rhen of Fate Preview 1


The new Chronicle: Rhen of Fate is now available on the PTS for testing under the Chronicles window (default key “j“). It has all the bosses of the raid version, but with some slight changes to mechanics.

You can click on the red orb prior to bosses to test out the Hard Mode versions of the bosses.

Some of the bosses can be quite a challenge, or just interesting with a multitude of mechanics to watch out for. The adds are currently overtuned, but that’s what the PTS is for.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can either submit an in-game feedback or via Krug’s thread here.

Intrepid Chronicles

Level 67 Intrepid Chronicles

Level 67 Intrepid Chronicles

The Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight, River of Souls and Hammerknell chronicles now contain Level 67 mobs if you are Level 65. Some of the gear is 65 but others are still 60 – the loot table probably hasn’t been updated yet.

Here’s an example of a trash pack drop:

Unbending Gloves of Virtue

Spell Crit isn’t the best, but it’s Hit+100 getting new Level 65 players ready for Experts like the Shadow From the Beyond Chronicle.

Tyrant’s Throne Populated

Tyrant's Throne Populated 1

Tyrant’s Throne – Tyrant’s Harbor.

Tyrant’s Throne – the new island coming with RIFT Patch 3.1 – has been populated with NPCs and various story, daily and side quests.

Accessing Tyrant’s Throne

Location Packe Porticulum Master

Packe Porticulum Master

To access the island, you can either swim there from Goboro Reef to (6107, 9110) where the porticulum is located, or you can go to Margle Palace in Draumheim and speak to a new Skelf NPC called Blark who will give you a quest that unlocks the porticulum for you.

[Note: There’s an achieve for swimming to the island via Goboro Reef, so you might as well do that at some point.]


The main Story Quests start near the porticulum with Admiral Belega (6115, 9114). You’ll also find a daily from Sharf <Cerulean Rhenke> right next to her and according to achieves there’s 4 daily quests in total.

Side quests can be found at various points on the island, and will appear on the mini-map.

There’s currently a lot of graphical lag, but this is probably due to a large amount of excess ‘dev-use’ land found behind the island.

Dimensions Special/Ban List

Dimension Edit Ban List

Dimension Edit Ban List

The Special Edit and Ban List buttons for Dimensions now work. These are separate for each individual or guild dimension where you can add a special list of players who have their own permissions settings, or even ban players to specific dimensions. Try them out!

Some nice additions to the PTS today. The Chronicle: Rhen of Fate is certainly proving interesting boss-mechanics-wise. Should be something to look forward to.

You can find information and screenshots on the various datamined files for this update here.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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