PTS Update: Transcendent Chest Upgrade

PTS Update Transcendent Chest Upgrade Feature Image

The PTS has been updated several times over the past week. One change I missed was the additional upgrade path for Frost Keeper/Horror Tier 1 Chests. They now have an additional upgrade path past Relic (Orange) to Transcendent (Red).

(Thanks to RoughRaptors for the info, as shown at the start of his recording of Vendetta’s Tyrant Forge testing on the PTS.)

Frozen Mechanized Gear

I’ve compiled the changes below. Note that I’ve left out spell/physical crit for dps and non-Guard stat upgrades for tanks.

Level 65 Tier 1 Transcendent Upgrade

Level 65 Tier 1 Transcendent Upgrade

The upgrades are relatively minor for their apparent cost and the increase is less than the increase from Epic to Relic. It can probably be considered an upgrade from Tier 1 to Tier 1.5 gear.

Upgrade costs:

  • 1x Tyrant’s Anvil.
  • 1x Metal Amender.

The Tyrant’s Anvil’s tooltip is placeholder and chances are it will be like the Heart of the Frozen and only dropped from the final boss or two of the upcoming Tier 1 raid: Tyrant’s Forge.

Will the Chest be the only item upgradeable with the Tyrant’s Anvil? Probably not – my guess is that you’ll probably get a choice between using the Heart of the Frozen or Tyrant’s Anvil to upgrade your Frost Keeper/Tier 1 Store gear to Relic.

Unknown if the Chest will be the only item upgradeable to Transcendent for this Tier of content.

Tyrant’s Forge Loot

RoughRaptors also showed some of the drops from Tyrant’s Forge – specifically Warrior Tank gear he was wearing during testing:

Tyrant's Forge Warrior Tank Loot

Tyrant’s Forge Warrior Tank Loot

Relic everything!

Look forward to Tyrant’s Forge and these new Transcendent pieces some time in Patch 3.1.

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