Notice: Hold Onto PvP Gear/Marauder’s Drops

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Notice: Hold onto the PvP gear that you get from Marauder’s Supply Caches for now, even if you have better gear until after this week’s hotfix.

Progression In Review

RIFT Game Director Chris “Archonix” Junior has made an announcement that Trion will be taking a look at progression in general over the coming weeks, “across all aspects of RIFT”.

  • First change upgrades PvP gear dropped from Marauder’s Supply Caches.
  • Trion are also considering adding an additional upgrade tier to the Dreambreaker (pvp) gear.
  • Trion wants to hear your thoughts on these changes. Check out their thread here.
  • Update 1/20: Trion will be removing the 3-stat gear (ones without secondary stats) from Marauder’s Supply Cache. If you have a 3-stat gear right now it won’t be going away, it will just be removed from the loot table. [r] As such, you might want to consider holding onto your caches for now.

Marauder’s Supply Crate Gear

First change will be to add a “significant bump in power” to the base and upgrade tiers for the PvP gear that drops from Marauder’s Supply Caches. The changes will come out in this week’s hotfix.

Marauder’s Supply Caches are obtained in your Rift Loot Bag when you win a Level 60+ warfront and have a 25% chance to drop gear.

Upcoming PvP Gear Stat Boost

Upcoming PvP Gear Stat Boost. Src: Archonix.

Above are three examples that Archonix has shown as teasers to this week’s change.

Also, note that 3-stat gear (ones without secondary stat) will be removed from the Marauder’s Supply Cache’s loot table. [r] You may wish to hold onto your cache’s for now.

New Upgrade Tier

Trion is also considering adding a new upgrade tier for Dreambreaker (pvp) gear. They would like your feedback as they consider:

  • What should the upgrade cost? Does it require a Heart of the Frozen?
  • Should the new upgrade tier be gated behind something like, say, Prestige Rank?

Send your thoughts in to Archonix’s thread here.

What To Do?

In short, hold onto your PvP gear until at least after this week’s hotfix to see whether you might be able to benefit from the upgrades. You probably want to hold onto them even longer than that depending on whether Trion adds a new upgrade tier.

Also, this applies to some gear in general. Trion is reviewing progression as a whole over the next few weeks and this could mean stat changes, additional upgrade tiers or upgrade cost changes to a variety of gear.

If you have the bank space, it might be prudent to hold onto gear with desirable stat combinations (i.e., ones with AP/SP and/or CP).

You may also want to hold onto Marauder’s Supply Caches without opening them yet since Archonix announced that they are removing the 3-stat variants (no secondary stat gear) from the loot table.

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One Comment on “Notice: Hold Onto PvP Gear/Marauder’s Drops”

  1. marcel
    January 21, 2015 at 8:08 am #

    Awesome, I love how Rift devs hear us, and are willing to fix things they changed and made people unhappy about it.

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