Livestream Summary: Tyrant’s Forge Testing

Livestream Summary Tyrant's Forge Johan Test Feature Image

Back on the 16th January 2015, RoughRaptors and -Vendetta- did some testing for the upcoming Tyrant’s Forge Tier 1 20-man raid encounter. They tested out the first boss, Johan.

  • You can check out the recorded video on RoughRaptors’ twitch channel here.
  • Encounter begins at approximately 15 min 30 secs into the video.
  • Unfortunately Twitch has disabled audio for a large portion of RoughRaptors’ recorded video.

Thanks to RoughRaptors and -Vendetta- for continuing to livestream their raid runs! You can follow RoughRaptors’ channel here.

Note: Various mechanics and health-adjustments have probably been made since the recording, but the overall fight should be more or less similar.

A summary of the livestream can be found below. Please be aware that everything below is subject to change:

Defeat Johan

Tyrant's Throne Johan PTS 1

Tyrant’s Throne – Johan

  • Johan fight starts at 15min 30sec into the video. No kill pull.
  • He has 342.2m hp.

First up, Tyrant’s Throne has 3 bosses: Johan, PUMPKIN and Mechanical Tyrant. This rounds out Tier 1 20-man to 8 bosses, same as Level 60 Tier 2 20-mans.

Johan <Akvan Augment SS-001> has quite a few abilities with the fight alternating between his normal phase and ‘paralayzed’ phase. Note that there may be additional mechanics that weren’t revealed during the testing.

Fight requires two tanks.

General Mechanics

These mechanics appear throughout the fight.

Jellyfish (Adds)

Jellyfish adds that have a small AoE move around the room at random. The AoE deals approx. 18k per tick to tanks. Probably does more to other raid members.

Electric Cone (AoE)

There’s an electric cone that lasts a while aimed at the active tank – similar to the shark in Sea of Ladon.

You don’t want to aim this at the raid, but you also don’t want this to be aimed at any of the waterfalls in the area otherwise the tank that needs to remove Vile Stench stacks over an ‘active’ waterfall will get hit by the AoE if your rng is bad and the cone and ‘active’ waterfall overlap.

Vile Stench (Pulsing, Expanding AoE; Debuff Stacks)

Tyrant's Throne Johan Vile Stench

Vile Stench Stacks

Vile Stench is applied to the active tank. It might be the tank swap mechanic.

What happens is that you get stacks of ‘Vile Stench’ and start pulsing red AoE. The more stacks you have, the larger the AoE becomes.

Not 100% sure what happens if others are inside, but you probably take ticking damage or some hp/dps debuff.

To get rid of the stacks, you need to run to an ‘active’ waterfall in the encounter. The encounter has several waterfalls – one in the middle and the others on the sides. One of these waterfalls will have a blue pulsing AoE underneath it – run to that one and your stacks will get removed one at a time.

Firefin Sting (DoT, Cleanse)

Tyrant's Throne Johan Firefin Sting

Firefin Sting DoT

Firefin Sting is a debuff that needs to be cleansed. “Deadly venom covers your skin. If not cleansed immediately it will cause catastrophic damage every 3s.” Does about 17-18k damage to tanks. It seems to hit players at random. Lasts 1min.

Drenched (Debuff on Johan)

Tyrant's Throne Johan Drenched Debuff

Drenched Debuff

Drenched is a debuff that Johan gets when he is under a waterfall. It might only work on ‘active’ waterfalls (with the pulsing blue AoE), or maybe it was just not working properly during testing, because he didn’t always get the debuff whilst under a waterfall.

Tank placed him under the middle waterfall. Debuff states “Being drenched in sea water may have adverse effects on Johan’s electronics.”

No idea what this does specifically – probably prevents him from doing particular mechanics. One possibility is that this removes Electrical Encouragement which is a dps buff he casts on himself.

Johammer (Interrupt)

Just a cast Johan does, interrupt Johammer. Probably does a large amount of damage to the active tank.

Akvan Parasite (Debuff; Spread)

Tyrant's Throne Johan Akvan Parasite

Akvan Parasite Debuff

Akvan Parasite is a debuff that is placed on a random player. That player needs to run to an ‘active’ waterfall and clean the debuff off. Failing to do so before the timer on the debuff runs out will cause considerable damage to you and also spreads all stacks of your debuff to two other players. 15sec debuff.

Tyrant's Throne Johan Akvan Parasite Debuff 123 Stacks

If you have 20 stacks when the debuff drops off, it spreads all 20 stacks to two players. At one point RoughRaptors had 123 stacks of Akvan Parasite.

The debuff states “If not washed off quickly the eggs hatch, killing the host and spreading to two more players”, but the tank didn’t die at low stacks, so it might just deal significant damage at low stacks that is still survivable by the tank. The damage could be bugged right now.

Cerebral Barrage (Stack)

Cerebral Barrage is an electrical ‘laser’ that attacks a random player who gets a red, pulsing ring on them. About 8 seconds later it ‘explodes’.

The video shows non-tanks getting Cerebral Barrage and the damage spreads amongst those around them, hitting them all for about 60% of their hp. This suggests a stack mechanic.

When used on a tank by himself with no spread, he took 99k damage.

Electrical Encouragement (Buff on Johan)

Tyrant's Throne Johan Electrical Encouragement

Electrical Encouragement Buff

“A violent shock helps to encourage Johan to fight harder! Outgoing damage increased by 15%!”. As the buff tooltip suggests, he increases his outgoing damage by 15%.

I’m not sure how he obtains this. I thought it was linked to the ‘Tactical Anchor’ mentioned below, but it seems to be applied beforehand sometimes, and not always up when Tactical Anchor is up.

One possibility is that this is what the “Drenched” debuff is for – when he gets Electrical Encouragement, you move him to an active waterfall to remove the buff – that would make sense.

Paralyzed Phase

At some point Johan will drop a ‘Tactical Anchor’ and moments afterwards will get stunned/paralyzed. At that point you can jump on his back and start attacking his collar.

Drop Anchor (Cast)

Johan casts ‘Drop Anchor’ and drops a Tactical Anchor below him. He also gets a 1min buff whilst the Tactical Anchor is up. The tooltip wasn’t shown as far as I can tell but this buff is likely either an out-going dps buff or some kind of kill-raid mechanic if you fail to destroy the Tactical Anchor in time.

Tactical Anchor (Mob)

Tyrant's Throne Johan Tactical Anchor

Tactical Anchor

The Tactical Anchor has 8.3m hp and an ‘Anchored’ channel that probably prevents the boss from moving. It keeps rechanneling ‘Anchored’ if you don’t destroy it so the channel itself doesn’t seem to be a timer or anything to be concerned about.

Mighty Lunge (Reactive Ability) and Shock Collar Power Module (Target)

Tyrant's Throne Johan Shock Collar

Mighty Lunge and Shock Collar

At some point, Johan will become stunned/paralyzed and hunch over. You’ll get a ‘Mighty Lunge’ reactive. Clicking on it allows you to jump on his back and dps his “Shock Collar Power Module”. The Shock Collar Power Module has 17.9m hp.

No idea how long Johan remains on his back, but there’s probably some timer and once it ends if you haven’t destroyed the Collar and Tactical Anchor, your raid will probably wipe. The timer could be the 1min buff on him when he first drops the anchor.

Once you destroy the Collar and Tactical Anchor, the fight returns to the normal phase.

That’s it for the summary of the Tyrant’s Throne testing done by -Vendetta- and RoughRaptors. Only Johan was tested and they didn’t get below 50% so there might be other mechanics at lower hp.

Thanks to RoughRaptors and -Vendetta- for livestreaming their raid fights! You can check out the recorded video here!

RoughRaptors livestreams -Vendetta-‘s raids all the time, so if you want to watch Mount Sharax and Rhen of Fate farm nights or future raid testing live (and with sound), you might want to follow RR’s livestream channel here.

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4 Comments on “Livestream Summary: Tyrant’s Forge Testing”

  1. WushMush
    January 26, 2015 at 4:11 pm #

    Wow.. a guide for a PTS boss, that isnt finished or live yet… you must be desprate for clicks.

    • January 26, 2015 at 4:41 pm #

      It’s a summary of a public livestream – Trion usually also holds a livestream on some of the bosses of a raid encounter a week before the raid pops. You too can watch the livestream, but the summaries are for those who can’t get Twitch recordings to work properly, those with low internet speeds/data caps or those who don’t want to spend an hour watching a video of the encounter.

      Your view of the summary is tantamount to raiders currently testing the content on the PTS saying to each other “Wow.. a boss available on the PTS to test out, that isn’t finished or live yet… you must be desperate for an advantage over other raiders”. This summary at least levels the playing field some-what.

  2. Aurora
    February 5, 2015 at 12:58 am #

    shame, RoughRaptor’s video is no longer available. -.-

    • joanah
      February 5, 2015 at 1:22 pm #

      Thank you roughrapters & vendetta for this information. Any strats or advice you give to the rest of us is very helpful & appreciated, thanks a lot. I hope you guys keep doing more helpful guides, all the help you give us casual people is greatly appreciated.

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