Notice: All Shards Will Go Down Same Time For 3.1

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[Update 28th Jan 2015: Patch is now Live! You can check out full RIFT 3.1: Storm at Sea patch notes here.]

CM Morgana has announced that all shards will be going down at the same time for the release of RIFT Patch 3.1: Storm at Sea (both NA and EU shards). This will include server maintenance. Please note that servers will not go down at the usual time and duration.

Servers will go down at:

Down-time is at the exact same time for all shards on Wednesday, 28th Jan 2015.

  • 12AM PST (Pacific Standard Time; NA server time)
  • 8AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time; EU server time)
  • 7PM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Down-time will last: ~11hrs although it could go up sooner (or later) depending on any difficulties they encounter.

Services Affected:

All of Trion’s main services are affected by the server maintenance, with RIFT taking a little longer due to Patch 3.1.

  • RIFT (~11hrs down-time)
  • Trove (~9hrs down-time)
  • Defiance (~8hrs down-time)
  • ArcheAge (~8hrs down-time)
  • Trion Websites will be down during this time as well. [r]

Please follow the official RIFT twitter for service updates.

[Source: CM Morgana]

Prepare for an extended down-time starting at a very different time (usually 7:30AM PST for NA and 2AM GMT the next day for EU). Hopefully the server maintenance fixes up the server issues RIFT has been experiencing lately.

If you usually hold raids or other guild events on a Wednesday, you might need to reschedule depending on how long the down-time goes.

Please follow the official RIFT twitter for service updates as Trion websites (including Forums) will also be down during the down-time.

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  1. AntiX gamer
    January 28, 2015 at 4:27 am #

    mind EST ._.

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