Notice: Price Reduction on World/Dungeon Gear

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Notice: Do not buy World or Dungeon gear until after 3.1 update. There’s been a major price reduction to World/Dungeon gear with the latest PTS update.

NT Gear Cost Reduction

NT Gear Cost Reduction

Void Seeker (World) and Abyssal Crusader’s (Dungeon) gear on the RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Armor and RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Weapons have had a price reduction.

Void Seeker Gear:

  • Gloves/Belt/Boots: 3,500 VS, down from 10,500.
  • Shoulders/Helm: 7,000 VS, down from 14,000.
  • Chest/Legs: 21,000 VS, down from 28,000.

Abyssal Crusader’s Gear:

  • Gloves/Belt/Boots: 4,300 ACM, down from 7,500.
  • Shoulders/Helm: 6,850 ACM, down from 10,000.
  • Chest/Legs: 11,750 ACM, down from 18,750.
  • Weapons: 11,750 ACM, down from 18,750.

VS = Void Stones
ACM = Abyssal Crusader’s Marks.

(Thanks to Euca for the info!)

Now it has not been confirmed whether these changes are coming with Patch 3.1 since they are only on the PTS for now, but it is better safe than sorry.

Reminder that all shards will go down for Patch 3.1 at 12AM PST / 8AM GMT. Shard down-time will be approx. 11hrs and all Trion-based websites will also be down during this time. [r]

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