RIFT 3.1 Patch Notes

Tyrant's Throne The Yrlwalach Feature Image

Trion has posted up patch notes for RIFT 3.1: Storm at Sea. Patch is 2.39GB Download.

Useful Tidbits:

  • Tyrant’s Throne is up. This is a new island you can access by either swimming to it from the south-east corner of Goboro Reef or via speaking to the skelf right in front of Margle Palace porticulum. Picking up his quest will unlock the porticulum on Tyrant’s Throne for you.
  • New Chronicle Daily. You can speak to ‘Misty Rayne‘ <Keeper of Chronicles> at /setwaypoint 5505 5545 to pick up a Level 65 chronicle daily.
  • Level 67 Dummies. New Level 67 Expert/Raid Dummies for dimensions can be found under RIFT Store -> Dimensions -> Interactive.
RIFT 3.1: Storm at Sea – 01/28/15

Discover the Storm Legion’s secret island lair in the Dreaming Seas. Reveal the dread experiments that the exiled Crucia commanded her armies perform upon the forbidden horrors of the Plane of Water, and prevent the Storm Queen’s conquest and destruction of the planes. With 5 new story quests and much much more, the Tyrant’s Throne is waiting for you.

Three new zone events have been added!
* The Ravenous Devourer: Fight a ravenous cephalopod that threatens to devour all life in Draumheim!
* Leviathan: Attempt to vanquish the monstrous Akvan that exists between the folds of reality. The mighty Yrlwalach has broken free and threatens Goboro Reef and beyond!
* Aphogglach: The ancient demon Aphogglach has risen from the depths of Nightmare Tide to terrorize the Calceron Sea!

From beyond the veil of sanity comes the new raid rift The Darkest Magic. Nightmare beings both evil and strange are tearing their way into Draumheim, and only the Ascended can stop the madness before it takes over.

Wondering what would become of Finric had you never stepped foot in the planes? Relive the action of the first Nightmare Tide Sliver in a new 2-player The Rhen of Fate Chronicle.

* Minion Adventure cards now have a shuffle button above them that you can use to cycle a new Adventure card. A shuffle can be purchased for either aventurine or credits.
* Minions can now have their stamina recharged through a lightning bolt button on the UI! Each minion can only be recharged once every 24 hours.
* Another minion slot is now available.
* 6 new minions have been added!

We’ve given the Dimensions UI some love!
* Personal and guild dimensions how have special permissions that allow you to give permissions to individual characters on a per dimension basis!
* You can now also ban individual characters from your personal or guild dimensions.
* New free movement camera for editing dimensions.
* Improved the +1 UI for visitors.

We have added a crafting favorites category to the crafting window!
* You can now flag recipes as your favorite from any of your crafting professions and they will all display when you select Favorites from the crafting profession dropdown.
* A new checkbox has been added that takes you to your crafting favorites when right-clicking on crafting workstations if you have a recipe in your favorites that uses that crafting station.

We’ve expanded Planar Attunement and added 3 new Nexuses! These are Steam (Fire/Water), Dusk (Life/Death), and Dust (Earth/Water). Each of these require that you have completed all 3 tiers of both the base planes that make them up.


* You can no longer fish while a loot window is open to prevent the loss of loot.
* Fixed Nightmare Tide rare mobs to give kill credit for the appropriate leaderboard category.
* Auction House: The Level and Stack column headers on the Bid tab of the Auction House are no longer reversed.
* Auction House: Fixed problem when creating auction buy orders from crafting recipe chat links. It should now correctly create a buy order for the recipe and not the item the recipe makes.
* Porticulums at friendly hubs are now unlocked when a player discovers the area near the porticulum – there is no longer a need to talk to the NPC to unlock it!
– If the porticulum is a part of an unfriendly hub, then players will still need to click on that porticulum master to unlock that porticulum.
– Players that have already discovered an area containing a porticulum, but have not yet unlocked that porticulum, will still need to talk to the NPC to do so.
* Adjustments have been made to the amount of experience gained while Mentoring and Sidekicking.
– Mentoring experience gained from kills has been increased.
– Sidekicking experience gained from kills has been reduced.
* Guild Quests: The following quests no long require targets of specific levels to count for credit, only that they grant experience or favor:
– War on Many Fronts
– Battles Old and New
– Planar Desperation
– Plagued by the Planes
– Destroy the Machineborn
– Upping the Ante
– Greatest Threats
– Kill Us Some Guardians
* Fixed a rendering bug that could cause distant objects show up as white.
* Fixed a client combat issue that sometimes caused players to automatically target a dead NPC.

* Molten Thresher Supply Crates are now available on the Store!
* You now have access to your bank within your dimension. Find the Bank Vault item in the RIFT Store within the Dimensions > Interactive section.
* Expert and Raid practice dummies for level 65 have been added to the RIFT Store! Get them now in Dimensions -> Interactive section.
* Hovering over a currency icon on a purchase button in the Store no longer prevents you from clicking it.
* Fixed the skill profession filters in the Store under the Crafting/Reagents category. The toggle button now also works for the skill profession checkboxes.
* The Planar Squirrels are now available in the Trophies section of the Store.
* The Chest O Shinys Dimension item is now available on the Trophies store as requested.

* Changing your portrait frame and turning on the portrait rare icon have been moved out of the Options Window, and are now part of the portrait menu you get when you right-click your player portrait.
* The in-game teleport to shard menu will now show a description of the server type after the name for special servers such as Oceanic, RP, and PvP.
* Fixed problem with chat console tabs not being clickable.
* Fixed nameplates being visible through objects with some combinations of render settings.
* Fixed a problem with renaming bank vault 8.
* Bank vault names now allow numbers in them.
* Improved the look of the Planar Focus background UI.
* Fixed /reloadui causing your bagbar icons to disappear.

* Nightmare Tide artifact sets from Fishing and Nightmare Rift now give Nightmare Tide level rewards instead of Storm Legion level rewards.
* The various artifact tracking vials now work more consistently with each other.
* The Normal Tracking vial now lasts 30 minutes and tracks Normal Artifacts ONLY.
* The Twisted Artifact Tracking vial is back and also last 30 minutes. It track ONLY Twisted Artifacts, and also casts a version of either Omen sight or Quantum sight so you can see them.
* The Unstable Tracking vial remains the same and tracks ONLY Unstable Artifacts.
* The Patron Artifact Tracking ability tracks all three types. However, it does NOT automatically cast Omen or Quantum sight. These will need to be cast separately if you want it to track Twisted artifacts.
* Level 61-65 Invasions can now, very rarely, drop artifact items.

* We’ve begun implementing some of the awards for people who donated to our devs during Extra Life. If you don’t see your reward here, rest assured that they’re still on their way!
* There is a new Artifact set celebrating some of the heroes from the recent Extra Life event! It is a 17 Artifact set with the required artifacts dropping in every zone, although even the common ones are quite rare.
* Goodwill Ambassador NPCs can now be found in Telara’s capital cities!
– Lady Seralena, Sharpshooter Rhyladri, and Sir Mikko “Killer” Konnat can be found in Epoch Plaza in Meridian.
– Sir Llewellyn Lionheart, Myrmidon Allizboon and Sister Faerugue can be found on Thontic Row in Sanctum.
– Sir Stan the Lesser and Lady Emmrin can be found in Plaza Aurentine in Tempest Bay, attending the royal court.

* You can now link your minions to the chat window directly from your Minion Window! All you have to do is have a text input open in the chat window and shift-click on a minion.
* Attanium has been pulled out of the 5 and 6 star rewards for dimension adventures. Instead, it will now be looted alongside said boxes.
* Evil Finric has been renamed to Morid Finric.
* All minions should now have flavor text.
* Adjusted some existing minion flavor text.
* The small minion stamina status tooltip will now show you the time it will take to gain a stamina point if your minion is low on stamina.
* Adventure cards that are part of a chain set will display a chain icon on them.
* The minions window will now show a reminder of the time duration for in-progress and completed claimable adventures.
* You can no longer claim minion rewards while the loot window is open.
* All achievements relating to claiming X adventures should automatically complete for all your characters upon log in.
* Max level minions now have a new frame which replaces the minion leveling bar.

* When using a preset that has mastery points spent for you, you can now click ‘spend soul points’ to spend your mastery points as you level up.
* Updated some soul descriptions.
* Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause damage from Power Manipulation, Arcane Manipulation, and Energy Manipulation masteries to fizzle on targets at extreme range.


* Soothing Stream: Removed the reference to healing decreasing over time from the buff tooltip.


* Healing Exigency: Now also reduces the cast time of Mass Grave by 100%.
* Healing Exigency: The range increase now also affects the range of the Necromancer’s Essence Link.

* Has received a sizeable rework! Please see the next post for details.

* Swift Corruption: Now correctly affects Ethereal abilities as indicated.

* Internalize Charge: Now has a 3s cooldown.


* Mastery choices are now included in Talent Presets for Roguesabove level 60.
* Ascended Biology:
– Now increases the range of your damaging non-melee abilities by 5m. Does not stack with Keen Eye.
– No longer increase the range of Codas.

* When unequipping the older Assassin Synergy crystals that buff poison damage, they will remove all poison buffs.

* All Codas: Now have a 35m base range.
* Chord of Inspiration: No longer adds healing but adds an absorb shield equal to 3/6/9% of attack power. Number of affected party or raid members increased to 10.
* Improved Motif of Regeneration: Now Karine’s Requiem. Increases damage done by Coda of Wrath and Coda of Fury by 30% while the target is under 30% health.
* Invigorated Soul: Now targets 10 party or raid members instead of 5.
* Motif of Regeneration: Now affects all party or raid members by default.

* Has received a sizeable rework! Please see the next post for details.

* Enhanced Weapon Enchantments: Now 20% per talent point, down from 30%.
* Heat Retention:
– Now 1/2/3% per talent point invested per stack of Heat Retention.
– Now has a 100% chance to apply on a combo point generating damaging ability being used.
– Internal Heat no longer removes stacks of Heat Retention, and is 10/20/30% bonus damage to finishers per talent point invested.
* Living Flame: Increased range to 10m, up from 5m.

* Fleeting Instincts: Now persists through death.
* Keen Eye: No longer increases the range of Codas.


* Mastery choices are now included in Talent Presets for Warriors above level 60.
* Resonating Strikes: Updated the description to indicate the absorb shield it applies is equal to 3% of Maximum Health instead of 4%. This is a correction to the description only, and does not affect how the Mastery functions.
* Dying Breath: Fixed an issue where the HoT was being removed by the buff blocker.

* Call of Kinship: Can now crit. Significantly increased the amount of healing done.

* A Good Defense: Corrected tooltip so that it now reads: Increases damage of abilities that generate Attack Points and healing done by 2/4/6/8/10%.

* Has received a sizeable rework! Please see the next for details.

* Long Range Training: Does not stack with the range increase granted by Planar Attunement.

* Decisive Strike: Increased damage.
* Everything is a Weapon: Increased to 20%.

* Classic and Storm Legion zone daily quests to close rifts now require only 2 rifts closed.
* The number of kills needed for most Carnage quests in Storm Legion zones has been reduced by approximately 33% on average.

* All Instant Adventure rewards have been reworked to consistently reward in a manner appropriate to a player’s real level, no matter where the adventure takes place.
* Planar attunement XP crystals have been removed.
* Zone chase items from Shimmersand, Stillmoor, and Ember Isle are no longer zone specific, and can rarely appear in any Adventure Cache.

* Fixed an issue with The Gutter in Bottomtown that could cause both the character and the environment to go invisible.
* Margle Palace, Flargle Plaza, and the crafting area of Choreburg are now designated as PvP Safe Areas.
* Misty Rayne in Flargle Plaza now offers a Daily to complete a random level 65 Chronicle.

* Ember Isles rares should now give achievement credit even if one-shot by a max-level player.

* Extended the Season Copse scene to the east and south to include more of the coastline.

* Hero’s Unrest lures should now work in this zone.

* Daily Quest: Roll the Bones: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the anvil fire effects to not be visible.
* Carnage Quest: Dalendel the Reanimated: Dalendel will now actually reanimate! We’ve fixed the issue with his respawn mechanism.


* A bonus loot event has been added to the crypts of the Iron Tomb.

* The path to Threngar will no longer kill you after the platform has assembled unless Threngar has been aggroed.
* The platform is now more likely to be there for players summoned to the top.
* A few achievements have been made Legacy, as we felt were not in the spirit of what achievements are all about.
– Guardian? Defiant? I’ll just be over here…  – Take One For the Team  – Attention Doxy  – You Had One Job  – So… Uh… I Guess We Win?  – Harbinger of The Yrlwalachalypse

* Marauder Supply Caches no longer drop equipment with 3 stat rolls.

* The max time limit is now 15 minutes.
* Increased scoring for kills to 3 per kill.
* Increased scoring for capturing a stone to 150 per capture.

* Increased all scoring mechanisms.

* Increased scoring.

* The max time limit is now 15 minutes.
* Increased scoring for kills to 4 per kill.
* Increased scoring for using a station to 2 per use.

* The max time limit is now 15 minutes.

* The max time limit is now 20 minutes.
* Increased all scoring mechanisms.

* The max time limit is now 15 minutes.
* Increased scoring for kills to 3 per kill.

* The max time limit is now 15 minutes.
* Increased scoring for kills.
* Increased scoring for control points.

* The max time limit is now 15 minutes.
* Decreased the amount of time until the first Stormstone spawns.


* Fishing achievements should now be sorted in a much more meaningful way.
* We’ve added ten new fishing achievements including one with a new title!


* Fixed an issue where effects which increased damage or healing from Nightmare Tide weapon procs were not increasing those procs.
* Danew Yoder in Tempest Bay once again sells Synergy Crystals.
* All 3 types of Adventure Caches now stack to 99.
* Added new World Gear merchants to Sanctum and Meridian to sell all the same gear found on the classic Rare Planar Goods vendors from the various pre-50 zones.
* Transplanar Crystals are now Bound to Account.
* Rift consumables– such as Salvaged Tablets, Renewing Pods, and Petrified Barnacle Runes– no longer share a cooldown with other consumables such as health potions. Instead these now have a shared cooldown with all levels of the same planar type of rift consumables.(ie. Rift tablets of all levels share a cooldown.)
* Ascended Powers are no longer auto-consumed on pickup, and are Bound to Account.

* Various changes to the level 65 gear progression are in progress. These changes are intended to create a smoother and more enjoyable gearing experience for players. Additional changes will be made in upcoming hotfixes.
– Rebalanced the cost of level 65 gear available on the Store for in game currencies – these are all reductions in cost.
– Rebalanced the upgrade cost for many level 65 items, including Abyssal Gear, Lockbox Gear, and Marauder Chest Gear – these are all reductions in cost.
– Void Stones now have a weekly cap of 47,000 for Patrons, and 40,000 for all other players.
– Abyssal Crusader marks now have a weekly cap of 20,000 for Patrons and 15,000 for all other players.

* Reduced the Illusory Mote requirements of the final Greater Essence upgrade.
* Reduced the Illusory Mote requirements of most lesser essence upgrades on the Store.
* Low level lesser essences are now Bound to Account.

* Block Values for Ephemeral and Dreambreaker shields have been reverted.

* Boosted the expert trinket drop rate. Thanks, livestream viewers!

* Lots of love for relic weapons from Mount Sharax:
– Two handed weapons now proc for more damage.
– Boosted the proc rate for totems and the offhanded DPS proc.
* Fixed an issue with the Frost Reap proc on The Fixed Point. The resists provided by the buff is now correctly reflected in the character sheet while the buff is active.
* Damage for the proc on Rakure Re has been corrected. Thanks meph1111!
* Dreadwind, the Stormbringer has had its proc reverted to a healing proc. Thanks Warfyre!
* Fixed renderable on Dead Dreams and Call of the Stormbreaker. Thanks Razzle!
* Shij Ir, the Gatherer of Shadows and Ekor Ira, Hand of Threngar will now drop with a damage oriented proc.
* Fixed Upgrade on Alison the 4th so that it will no longer lose block from upgrade.

* Bone Armor: The damage bonus now affects the caster’s pets as well.
* Bone Frenzy: The cooldown has been reduced to 15 seconds.
* Corpse Explosion: Corpse Explosion has been reworked.
– Casting Plague Bolt on a target affected by your Corpse Explosion now causes a pulse of damage to up to 5 targets within 7 yards.
– Enemies who are affected by your Corpse Explosion debuff will trigger the debuff’s explosion if they take damage from another Corpse Explosion. This effect can only occur once per application of Corpse Explosion.
– The Duration on Corpse Explosion has been reduced to 15 seconds, down from 20.
– The Cooldown on Corpse Explosion has been removed, down from 10 seconds.
– Corpse Explosion is now restricted to one stack per target for any given Mage.
– Corpse Pile now gives Corpse Explosion a 50%/100% chance to spread to up to 5 enemies if hit by Grave Rot, in addition to its previous effects.
* Deadly Plague: Now also applies to Corpse Talon.
* Empty the Crypts: The Cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute, and the charge cost has been reduced to 50.
* Essence Link: The spellpower scaling component has been increased by 36%. The internal cooldown on the heal proc has been increased from .5 seconds up to 1 second. The tooltip has been clarified to explicitly state this internal cooldown.
* Improved Soul Purge: Has been reduced to heal 10/20/30% of damage done.
* Last Gasp: No longer re-applies itself to a healed target if that target already has 5 stacks of Last Gasp.
– Now deals Death damage each time a target receives a heal if that target has 5 stacks of Last Gasp.
* Loyal Minion: Now sacrifices 25% of your pet’s health and gives the Mage a shield equal to 15% of the Mage’s Max health. The duration of the control immunity effect granted by Loyal Minion has been reduced to 5s.
* Mass Grave: The cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute, and the duration has been reduced to 15 seconds.
* Plague Bolt: Can now trigger the Velocity buff from Elementalist. The spellpower coefficient has been increased by 25%.
* Soul Purge: Now requires only 4 seconds to channel its full effect, and its spellpower scaling coefficient has been increased by 51%.
* Symbiote: Now increases healing from Essence Link by 25% per point.

* Barbed Shot:
– Has changed places in the talent tree with Ranged Combat Mastery.
– Now deals minimal instant damage and applies a 15s bleed afterwards, with no movement required.
– While bleeding, it increases the chances of the target being critically hit by Marksman channeled abilities by 10%.
* Free Recoil: No longer a short term combat buff. Now a 1h self buff that persists through death. New description is: Rapid Fire Shot consumes a max of 2 Combo Points. Cast time of Deadeye Shot is reduced by 0.5s.
* Decoy: Has been removed.
* New Ability: Calculated Shot: Replaces Decoy. Instant cast, 12s cooldown ranged physical damage. Removes movement buffs provided by Swift Shot and Hasted Shot. If a movement buff is removed, cooldown is set to 0. Awards 1 Combo Point.
* Lightning Fury: Now has a 12s cooldown, with the armor debuff lasting for 30s.
* Ranged Combat Mastery:
– Has changed places in the talent tree with Barbed Shot.
– Now a 1hr self buff with a 10s cooldown and 10 energy cost.
– Increases ranged and channeled damage by 5%.
* Quick Reload: Now a passive that awards a Combo Point every 3s while the Rogue is out of combat.
* Rapid Extrication has been removed. With its removal, all Marksman abilities with cooldowns have had their cooldown timers reduced.
* New Talent: Flawless Precision: Has been added in place of Rapid Extrication. Now increases the damage of Swift Shot, Empowered Shot, Lightning Fury, Sentry Battery and Rapid Fire Shot by 10/20%.
* Sentry Battery: Increased damage done, and lowered the channel time from 4s to 3s.
* Shoot to Kill: Fixed an issue where this ability was not affecting Sentry Battery.

* The default range of all Reaver abilities is now 30m.
* Deadly Reach: Now increases the max enemies hit by your Desecrating Blow, Rancid Cleave, and Explosive Infestation by 1/2/3.
* Plague Bringer: Now affects up to 7 additional targets instead of 4.
* New Ability: Desecrating Blow: Acquired at 20 points in the root. 30m ranged AoE finisher.
* Dire Blow: Now a ranged attack with 30m base range.
* Fester: Now increases all damage types.
* Flesh Rot: Now has a 10s cooldown. Damage has been increased to compensate.
* From the Shadows: Now reduces damage taken by the Reaver by 2/4/6/8/10%.
* Intense Training: Now increases all damage types.
* Necrotic Wounds: Increased damage.
* Pestilence: Changed from a passive talent to an activated self buff.
* Planar Attunement: Now also increases range of ranged attacks by 1/2/3/4/5. Range increase does not stack with Long Range Training.
* Rancid Cleave:
– Now a ranged attack with 30m base range.
– Removed the default damage bonus for Reaver DoTs on Rancid Cleave.
– Now affected by Shadow Strike.
* Ravaging Strike: Now a ranged attack with 30m base range.
* Reaping Touch: Now affects Desecrating Blow.
* Shadow Strike:
– Lowered bonus damage added by Shadow Strike from 33% to 25%.  – Capped out the max contributing Reaver DoTs to 3.
– Now affects Desecrating Blow and Rancid Cleave.
* Shadow Warp:
– No longer a targeted teleport, but a 15m blink in front of the Reaver.
– Now removes all crowd control effects when used. Cooldown reduced to 20s.
* Soul Sickness: No longer has a cooldown.
* Walks with Death: Now increases damage over time effects by 2/4/6%.
* Viral Stream: Corrected the description to be more accurate of the damage done.
* Shadow of Dread: Cooldown lowered to 15s.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 28th JANUARY 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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