RIFT News Tidbits 28th Jan 2015 – Patch 3.1 Special

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Here’s the RIFT news tidbits for 28th Jan 2015 with a special Patch 3.1 section detailing a lot of bugs and other useful information.

Patch 3.1 Information

General 3.1 Information

  • Patch 3.1 Patch Notes. Patch 3.1 patch notes are up. Check them out here!
  • RIFT 3.1: Storm at Sea Trailer up. Check it out below:

Direct Link: RIFT 3.1: Storm at Sea Trailer

  • Tyrant’s Throne Locations:
    • To Tyrant’s Throne. You can quickly journey to Tyrant’s Throne by speaking to Blark <Rhenke Emissary> at 5730, 5637 right in front of Margle Palace’s Porticulum in Draumheim. Picking up his quest will unlock the porticulum on Tyrant’s Throne for you.
    • Jumping Through Hoops Achievement. The hoops for the ‘Jumping Through Hoops’ can be found at the following co-ordinates:

/setwaypoint 5050 8485
/setwaypoint 5240 8600
/setwaypoint 5493 8697
/setwaypoint 5710 8760

  • New Chronicle Daily. You can speak to ‘Misty Rayne‘ <Keeper of Chronicles> at /setwaypoint 5505 5545 to pick up a Level 65 chronicle daily. There’s also one for defeating the Hard Mode bosses in the new Chronicle: Rhen of Fate that you can find in the Chronicles window (default key “j“). Note: You might want to go in as a duo if you plan on doing the Hard Mode versions, even raid-geared.
  • Raid Changes. A few changes to raids (either intentional or a bug) have popped up that aren’t in the RIFT 3.1 patch notes:
    • Ungolok – The shark in the Ungolok encounter has had his interrupt name changed from Puncture Heart to Puncture Spleen. [r]
    • Izkinra – Izkinra seems to deal more ST damage to tanks. [r]

Class Guides for 3.1

Several class guides are now up for 3.1, written by guide writers in the RIFT community:

There’s currently no updated Necromancer guide for 3.1 as of the time of this post.

Known 3.1 Bugs

Quite a few bugs have popped up with the latest update. Check out TekBlk’s “3.1 Bug Thread” on the RIFT Forums to post or read about bugs in the game.

It is also advised to report any bugs you find in-game via the in-game bug/feedback report. This is found under the mini-menu bar on your game window -> “?” sign button -> “Feedback/Bug Reports”.

General Bugs

  • Planar Attunement Missing/Rollback. A couple of players have been reporting that their PA has been rolled back after crashing or logging off. There’s also other issues such as PA not increasing account-wide. Pithos has responded that they’ve identified the issue and a fix will come in tomorrow. “The problem occurs between 1,283 and 1,284 total PA – if you stay below this total, you shouldn’t experience the problem.”Pithos.
  • 160% Vials Disappearing Bug. Players have been reporting that their 160% Vial buffs disappear when they enter a dungeon in a dungeon group. [r] [r] It might just be a graphical bug though because relogging seems to fix it. [r] No response from Trion yet.
  • ‘Unwalkable’ Dev Paint. There’s an ‘Unwalkable’ dev paint behind Tyrant’s Throne in the ocean. Trion are aware of this. [r]
  • Crucia ‘Leviathan’ Chat Spam. Crucia is currently spamming players with her roleplay during the ‘Leviathan’ zone event on Tyrant’s Throne. Relogging won’t fix it – you need to close the game window and restart the game completely. [r] No response from Trion yet.

Crafting Bugs

  • Risarian Minim Drop rate Bug. Drop rate of Risarian Minim was accidentally set to 2.5%. This will be fixed with next week’s hotfix. [r]
  • Buried Resource Nodes. Some resource nodes on Tyrant’s Throne are underground. These will be fixed in next week’s hotfix. [r]
  • General Crafting Issue. There’s a crafting issue where clicking on the ‘arrow’ in a recipe to go to a different recipe will sometimes not work. This is being looked at. [r]
  • Choreburg Rested Spot Issue. Choreburg crafting area is no longer considered a ‘rested spot’. This means you can’t log out instantly. Tacitus is working on a fix. [r]

Class-related Bugs

  • Warrior Warlord Piercing Thrust Bug. The finisher buff for Piercing Thrust is not being consumed after PT. Vladd has stated a fix will be in next update. [r]
  • Warrior Everything is a Weapon Tooltip Bug. Vladd has a fix for ‘Everything is a Weapon’ still stating 15% on the tooltip when the ability increases attack power and weapon contribution by 20% since 3.1. [r]
  • Inquisitor Echoing Concord Bug. Right now you gain 2 Echoing Concord stacks for both gaining and consuming Unified Theory. This means that after the first instant Bolt of Depravity that you do, you never have to use Bolt of Judgment to gain Life & Death Concord stacks because there will always be Echoing Concord stacks for fast-cast Bolt of Retribution. [r] No response from Trion yet.

Instance Bugs

  • Chronicles Missing. Currently a whole bunch of chronicles are missing from the Chronicles Window (default key “j“). The Intrepid Chronicles are under construction and “will return soon” – darkmoon. [r]
  • Harrow Crypt Dimension Issue. The passageway leading underground in the Harrow Crypt Dimension has been blocked off and the perimeter shrunk. Gingers has passed this along to the approach team member/s to get this fixed. [r] [r]


  • Mage/Cleric Dev Change. Kervik is stepping down as the Mage/Cleric Class Developer as he moves on to another project within Trion. [r] [r] Red Hawk will be the new Mage/Cleric Class Dev and he has introduced himself here: MageCleric.
  • Minion System API Support. ZorbaTHut has added API support for the Minion System so any addon creators chomping at the bit to add more features to the minion system can do so. [r]
  • Hotfix Likely Tomorrow. A hotfix is likely to come up tomorrow due to some of the more pressing bugs that have appeared with Patch 3.1, such as the Planar Attunement reset/rollback bug mentioned previously. Pithos mentioned a fix would come in for the PA bug, but this may or may not indicate an actual hotfix. [r]

Missed out on some news? Check out the full list of RIFT News Tidbits here or check out the PTS/Live Comparison Page for a summary of upcoming changes.

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