RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #3

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Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #3 as at 2/11/15 7:30 AM PST (NA) and 2/12/15 2 AM GMT (EU). Download is approx. 140mb.


  • Guild Level Increase! Max Guild Level is now 30 – new perks including new banners that increase stats by a % instead of fixed amount. They apply directly to raid members instead of forcing you to be in range of the banners – lasts through death. Also an increased notoriety perk.
  • Various Soul Changes. Various small Mage, Rogue and Warrior changes. See below for more details.
  • Various Raid Changes. A few QoL and bug fixes to Mount Sharax, Tyrant’s Forge and the Rhen of Fate.
  • Crafting Additions. Earrings can now be crafted by Artificers by speaking to your Artificer trainer! Basic Amender recipe cost reduced and Uncle Stan’s Fising Derbies in Tempest Bay can be done by players with greater than 375 skill. There’s now also Epic and Relic Amenders + upgrade components found under most craft professions. These currently don’t have a use in-game as the upgrade paths are not yet on Live.
  • You can learn more about all the crafting changes from this hotfix, and crafting additions coming with next week’s hotfix here.
RIFT 3.1 Hot Fix #3 – 02/11/15

* An “I’m Stuck” button has been added to the in-game help menu from the start button tray. You can still use “/stuck”.
* Fixed the problem that made the mouse not work at all in experimental Oculus mode.

* Increased the max guild level to 30.
* Added new Sigil versions of each of the guild banners, except Banner of Clairvoyance.
– These Sigil buffs require all 3 ranks of their respective banners in order to unlock for purchase.
– The buffs are upgraded versions of the banners which increase their respective stats by a percentage instead of the current flat amounts.
– They also differ by applying the buff directly to raid members instead of requiring the raid to remain within range of the banners, and do not drop an object on the ground.
– These buffs have the same duration as the banners, will last through death and follow the same stacking rules as the banners.
– They require the new Combat Sigil reagent to cast.
* New perk: Renown: Increases notoriety gains by 3/6/9%. Please verify this works as expected.
* Increased the max rank of Regroup to 3.
* Increased the max rank of Rift Extraction to 4.



* Living Shell: Fixed an issue that was preventing this ability from generating Charge. It should now generate 9 Charge when used.

* Storm Armor: No longer benefits twice from the Warlock’s Improved Mage Armor talent.


* Static Shot: Cooldown has been increased to 30s.
* Removed PVP reductions/restrictions on Strafe, Sniper Training, Deadeye Shot, and Empowered Shot.


* Fixed an issue where debuffs Decaying Defenses, Septic Wounds, and Vile Affinity could stack multiple times. This debuffs are now limited to one stack on the player/enemy no matter how many Reavers are casting on it.
* Rancid Cleave: Now respects line of sight.
* Plague Bringer: Fixed tooltip to properly reflect the number of additional enemies that can be effected.
* Decaying Defenses: Fixed an issue where fire resists were not being reduced.
* Dire Corruption and Precision Strikes: Fixed an issue where these were not working together. Both should be working as intended now.
* Stumbling Morass snare should no longer stack with other player cast snares.


* Weekly Quest: Spirit of Adventure: Now requires level 60 to accept.
* Misty Rayne in Flargle Plaza in Draumheim now offers a Daily to complete a random level 65 Chronicle.
* Raid Rift: The Darkest Magic: Decreased the health of the second wave of Rabbits.
* Raid Rift: The Darkest Magic: Increased the cooldown of Lograr’s Lights Out ability to 12 seconds.


* Corrected an issue that was preventing players from zoning in.

* Increased the range at which Martrodraum will engage players with his abilities.

* Darth Elevator has been replaced with a teleportation device in Crucia’s fight.
* Crucia is no longer immune for 8 seconds after players destroy Storm Capacitors.
* The Tyrant’s Bay Tendril will no longer return after Johan has been defeated.
* The cast bar for Johan’s ability Overload now correctly displays 15 seconds.
* Fixed a bug where players were able to drop combat during the PUMPKIN encounter.

* The protective bubbles that appear during Rage of Storms now despawn two seconds after Rage of Storms end.
* Reduced the damage of the Scoundrel Shootists by 20%.
* More trash mobs now move away.
* Increased the number of Bloat Gumps to eight per cage.
* Chronogos now allow players to skip past boss vignettes.

* The protective bubbles that appear during Rage of Storms now despawn two seconds after Rage of Storms end.


* Added line of sight blockers to the starting platforms. Players will no longer be able to attack from on top of your starting platform.

* Corrected an issue in Ghar Station Eyn where enemies could enter your base.

* Reduced the point value granted for killing the idols in Port Scion to 100 due to player feedback.

* Attempting to enter any bases while carrying a Stormstone will reset the Stormstone.

* Earrings can now be crafted by the Artificer profession!
* Basic Amender recipes have had their cost to acquire from the trainer greatly reduced.
* Uncle Stan’s Fishing Derbies in Tempest Bay can now be done by players of Fishing skill greater than 375. This is a temporary measure until new Fishing Derbies are released for high level players.

* Fixed a case where target player names would not use the guild color, even though they are in your guild.
* Fixed a display issue for recipes in the favorites tab of the crafting window.

* Fixed an issue with the Icezerker! proc that prevented it from gaining duration for additional Nightmare Tide weapons equipped. It now:
– Has a 100% chance to build a stack on critical hit, up from 50%.
– Has a 5 second internal cooldown between triggering stacks.
– Has build-up stacks that last for 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
– Has a lockout duration of 15 seconds, down from 20 seconds.
– Has a reduced size of the Icezerker! proc’s transformation by 33%.
* The Ancient Glacial Shards proc now more reliably hits up to 5 targets in a line between the caster and their target, when triggered.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 11th FEBRUARY 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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