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Trion has posted up a new “Behind the Scenes” article, this round chatting with RIFT’s Lead Content Designer Julia “Darkmoon” Fleming.

  • You can check out the full article here.


  • Darkmoon is the Lead Content Designer, responsible for overseeing all RIFT Content from IAs to Story Quests and Zone Events.
  • Darkmoon joined RIFT in 2009, so two years prior to launch! She’s a true vet!
  • One of her most proud content additions was the Kira and Uriel quest line in Mathosia, whilst she believes Ember Isle is the most well-received piece of content for players.
  • RIFT 3.2 content hint: Hammerknell Fortress Instant Adventures, which has been mentioned by Tacitus a few times on the RIFT Forums.
Hammerknell IA Hint

Hammerknell Fortress. Src: Trion

Interestingly, the article includes the following image. Yes, we know that Hammerknell will get Instant Adventures (Tacitus has mentioned this a few times) but the yellow portals are interesting. We see something similar outside King’s Hall in Scarwood Reach for Drowned Halls. There’s two portals: one for Level 50 and the Intrepid: Drowned Halls for Level 60.

Could this image be related to a new Intrepid: Hammerknell Fortress for Level 65?

Of course, it could just be teleports to different parts of the instance, especially since these portals are in Murdantix’ encounter, not prior. If it were a hint at an Intrepid raid, it would probably appear outside Hammerknell Fortress.

Question for Players

Darkmoon asks: “What would you like to see in the next four years of RIFT? Is there something we used to do more of that you miss, something new you’d like to see, or something you wish we’d never do again? Let us know!”

You can post your response in this thread here.

Learn More

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2 Comments on “Trion Behind the Scenes with Darkmoon”

  1. February 16, 2015 at 7:16 pm #

    ember isle sure was great. Dendrome was close, but suffered from a) it’s a boring desert mostly by design, and b) usual creep of SL. Tyrant’s Throne was dull for a) birth place of a beast that eats planes of existence, and b) seats the raid of a You are not prepared protagonist. Hope the new zone will be as well designed, loved, and have enough time to show it as ember isle. I bet the newer players would like it.

    • February 17, 2015 at 9:12 pm #

      Loved Ember Isle and hope that Myrkur’s Depths (if it is actually coming) will relive that moment.

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