Trion PAX Party at 6PM March 6th 2015

Trion PAX East 2015 Feature Image

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Trion Worlds is holding a “Trion Worlds Community Party” on Friday, 6th March at 6pm EST at the Legal Harborside in Boston (USA). Meet up and chat with the various Trion Worlds teams across games (RIFT, Defiance, Trove and ArcheAge), ask them some questions, find out some interesting news about Trion’s games as well as announcements of the latest developments for each game.

There’s also various giveaways, including limited quantities of the special upcoming Fourth Anniversary Arclight Rider mount! The mount is likely the rider mount with the ‘hot rod’ decal datamined recently.

  • A variety of in-game loot and other giveaways, plus:
  • RIFT: Fourth Anniversary Arclight Rider Mount. [r]
  • ArcheAge: Crimson Fae Wing Glider. [r]
  • Defiance: “…And Taxes” Epic VOT Mazu Blast Rifle with special skin and hand-picked stats. [r]
  • Trove: Magic Carpet (mount). [r]

This is in the midst of PAX East which is being held on March 6th-8th 2015 in Boston, MA (USA). If you’re in Boston for PAX East, be sure to check out:

  • – Future of Online Games” Panel with Trion’s Lead Designer Andrew Krausnick. The Panel is being held on Friday 6th March from 7-9PM at the Dragonfly Theatre. (The Trion PAX Party is being held on the same day from 6-9PM, so just be aware of that!)


Trion held a PAX party for players and devs to mingle last year during PAX Prime as well. They gave interviews and previews to various media outlets and announced Nightmare Tide launch date, ArcheAge Aurora patch date, Defiance major patch date and the start of Trove Closed Beta.

This year Trion has mentioned “we’ll announce the latest developments with each game” so be sure to keep an eye out for some (likely) patch announcements.

My predictions are that Trion will announce Patch 3.2 information for RIFT, and perhaps even show off some of the work currently going into their Tier 2 raid. Hopefully they reveal work on Myrkur Depths, a possible 4th zone.

Trion Worlds Community Party Event Details:

  • Time: Friday, 6th March from 6pm-9pm EST.
  • Where: The Legal Harborside (Boston), 270 Northern Ave., Boston, MA 02210.

You can check out RIFT’s article about the party here. You can also check out the associated thread here if you have any questions.

Be sure to head to Legal Harborside in Boston, MA (USA) on Friday, 6th March at 6pm EST – there’s limited seats and you’ll probably want to pick up those giveaways before they run out!

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