Notice: Mining Alloy Recipes for Plat!

Notice: The new Mining recipes, Thalasite Dream Alloy and Thalasite Nightmare Alloy can now be purchased from the Mining trainer NPC for platinum.

Thalasite Dream Alloy Nightmare Alloy Mining Trainer

The two recipes only cost 4plat 62g 66s each from any Mining trainer, whereas previously they had cost a significant amount of craftsman’s marks from the RIFT Store or from the Artisan Store vendor (Bob).

This is not a bug or exploit, as Vladd has confirmed:

It was our mistake to have it on the trainer. In this case though, rather than disable the trainer for everyone, we’ve removed it from Bob and it’ll remain on the trainer for the low discount price of 5p.

If you purchased either or both of the alloy recipes for marks from Bob, please contact CS and they will refund you the marks

[Source: Vladd]

As he has stated, if you already bought the recipes with craftsman’s marks prior to this change, be sure to contact Customer Service via the “Contact Game Master” button in-game, or through Trion’s support page to get a refund.

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